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Bio-mass fibres in textiles
Use of biomass fibers in textile helps to gain sustainable textiles. There are various advantages of biomass fibers in textile as it is obtained from renewable biomass resources.
Fiber optic sensors for detection of toxic and biological threats
Article is discussed about Fiber optic sensors for detection of toxic and biological threats. The design of these fiber optic sensors is based on a cladding modification approach. The original passive
Drafting aprons for ring spinning machines
Article is based on Drafting Aprons for Ring Spinning Machines. Aprons made of Synthetic Rubber are made in endless tubular form whereas leather or Synthetic Leather Aprons are made open in strips and
Fibers & Yarns Industry in Turkey
Read Article on the Fibers and Yarns Industry in Turkey, Production of Turkish Fibers and Yarns, Fibers and Yarns Industry Report, Turkey The Fibers and Yarns Industry Statistics and Turkish The
Natural substitute for synthetic detergent
Aritha and shitakes are being used as Natural Substitute since past years for Synthetic Detergent. preparation of samples for laundering, extraction of the content from aritha and shikakai and
Indian Synthetic Textile export feels the blues
Synthetic Textile Exports in 2010-11 – Synthetic Textile Industry, Export of Synthetic Textile Sector in India has good growth potential to emerge as a major outsourcing hub. Due to increasing price
High Performance Fibers from Nature
Natural High Performance Fibers, Silk-Spun Protein Fiber from Spiders And Insects, Spider Silk Production Not Domesticated, Spider Dragline And Silkworm Cocoon Silks Considered As Semi Crystalline
Advent of Eco-Friendly Fibers
Advent of Eco-Friendly Fibers: About environmentally-friendly clothing and eco-friendly fashion and textiles. Read more about Eco Friendly Fibres,Eco Friendly Fiber,Eco Fibre,Eco Fibres,Eco Friendly
Thailand's total cotton production is less than 1% of total demand
Thailand is one of the countries which participates in the complete textile industry chain from upstream to downstream. The country possesses large, medium and small-scale industries for synthetic
High-Performance Applications Of Textile Fibers In Civil Engineering
High-Performance Applications Of Textile Fibers In Civil Engineering
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