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Plasma Treatment of Textile Fibers
Plasma Treatment of Textile Fibers
The World Of Micro Fibers
The World Of Micro Fibers
Advent of Eco-Friendly Fibers
Advent of Eco-Friendly Fibers: About environmentally-friendly clothing and eco-friendly fashion and textiles. Read more about Eco Friendly Fibres,Eco Friendly Fiber,Eco Fibre,Eco Fibres,Eco Friendly
Health and Environmental Hazards of Synthetic Dyes
Article on Hazards of Synthetic Dyes, Danger of Synthetic Dyes, Health Risks of Synthetic Dyes and health effects of dyes released in textile industry wastewater by Prof. R. B. Chavan and many more at
EliTe® CompactSet Processing Synthetic Fibres
It is therefore unavoidable to compensate the expanding demand for fibres by the growing world population and the additionally rising per capita consumption in many newly industrializing countries by
Multifunctional specialty finish on synthetic and its blends
Multifunctional Specialty Finish was tried on different synthetic substrates. Anti Microbial Finish is applied to textile materials.
Application of Fibers in Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Article by M.Y. Gudiyawar on application of fibers as Fiber reinforced concrete is a new class of strong, tough and highly durable material. Fiber in the cement based matrix acts as a crack arrester
The Dyeing of Polypropylene Fibers in Supercritical Fluid
Dyeing of Polypropylene Fibers: Polypropylene Fibers Dyeing Process, Water dyeing polypropylene (PP) fibers in Supercritical Fluid have not resolved the undyeability of the fibers very successfully.
Fibers & Yarns Industry in Turkey
Read Article on the Fibers and Yarns Industry in Turkey, Production of Turkish Fibers and Yarns, Fibers and Yarns Industry Report, Turkey The Fibers and Yarns Industry Statistics and Turkish The
Manufacturers Strategising Cost Savings through Alternate Fibers
Manufacturers cost savings strategies through Alternate Fibers. Manufacturers is now relying more on alternative fibres to decrease spending on cotton.Read More
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