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Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete
Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete
Natural Fiber Rugs
Natural Fiber Rugs
Health and Environmental Hazards of Synthetic Dyes
Article on Hazards of Synthetic Dyes, Danger of Synthetic Dyes, Health Risks of Synthetic Dyes and health effects of dyes released in textile industry wastewater by Prof. R. B. Chavan and many more at
Application of Fibers in Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Article by M.Y. Gudiyawar on application of fibers as Fiber reinforced concrete is a new class of strong, tough and highly durable material. Fiber in the cement based matrix acts as a crack arrester
The Dyeing of Polypropylene Fibers in Supercritical Fluid
Dyeing of Polypropylene Fibers: Polypropylene Fibers Dyeing Process, Water dyeing polypropylene (PP) fibers in Supercritical Fluid have not resolved the undyeability of the fibers very successfully.
Jute: Fiber Of The Future
Jute: Fiber Of The Future
UCA - an opportunity for Indian exporters to expand their markets
Information Technology (IT) is increasingly being deployed in plethora of activities in driving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the business.
Nylon market outlook till 2020
In this article we will understand Nylon market outlook till 2020. Read the article to know about the production and consumption of nylon fibers.
Tissue Engineering: An Emerging Area for Textiles as Biomaterials
Tissue engineering is a scientific field that refers to the practice of combining scaffolds, cells and biologically active molecules to form functional tissues. The knowledge from this area can be
Sustainable sisal staging comeback in new avatar
The drought-resilient sisal fibre grows well all year round in hot climate and arid regions which are often unsuitable for other crops. It is resilient to disease and its input requirement is low
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