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Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete
Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete
UCA - an opportunity for Indian exporters to expand their markets
Information Technology (IT) is increasingly being deployed in plethora of activities in driving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the business.
Nylon market outlook till 2020
In this article we will understand Nylon market outlook till 2020. Read the article to know about the production and consumption of nylon fibers.
Bio-mass fibres in textiles
Use of biomass fibers in textile helps to gain sustainable textiles. There are various advantages of biomass fibers in textile as it is obtained from renewable biomass resources.
Recycling fiber
Recycled fabrics are made from post consumer PET containers. Recycled plastic bottles are now being transformed into fiber produced for the apparel and home furnishings industries. Plastic-derived
Basalt Fiber
Basalt Fiber: Basalt fibre is a material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt, which is composed of the minerals plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine. Various types Basalt Fibre Manufacturers are
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites by M. Janarthanan, S.Palanisamy, U.Dinesh, P.Pradeep, C.Gowrishankar - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit
Tailor-made absorbent celulose fibers for nonwovens
This paper gives an overview of various physical and chemical methods to design man-made cellulosic fibres with tailor-made sorption properties. Viscose and lyocell are the dominating fibre materials
Nano-porous ultra-high specific surface fibers
Article is based on Nano Pores which is ultra high Surface Fibers. It includes application like chemical conversion, solid support catalysts, selective separation, membrane supported smart materials.
Coir Fiber
Coir fibers found in a coconut. Types of coir fibers are white coir fibre, brown coir fibre, coconut coir fibers. Coir Fibre Industry, & coir fibre exporters of India have become famous worldwide.
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