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Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles by Alan Beggerow - Free Business Articles, Free Research Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion
Walnut Dye for Wool & Silk & Development of a Color Palette for a Product Line
Article on Development of Natural Dyes, Development of Synthetic Dyes. Traditionally tie and dye was done employing natural dyes. Learn about Development of Natural Dyes, Development of Synthetic Dyes
Surat Dyeing House Steps into Retail with a Fabric Brand
A fabric brand Jianna and an accessory brand Caressa have been launched by a Surat-based dyeing and processing house. What looked like an impossible dream has been made to come true by the Zenitex
Multifunctional specialty finish on synthetic and its blends
Multifunctional Specialty Finish was tried on different synthetic substrates. Anti Microbial Finish is applied to textile materials.
UCA - an opportunity for Indian exporters to expand their markets
Information Technology (IT) is increasingly being deployed in plethora of activities in driving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the business.
Nylon market outlook till 2020
In this article we will understand Nylon market outlook till 2020. Read the article to know about the production and consumption of nylon fibers.
Tailor-made absorbent celulose fibers for nonwovens
This paper gives an overview of various physical and chemical methods to design man-made cellulosic fibres with tailor-made sorption properties. Viscose and lyocell are the dominating fibre materials
Nano-porous ultra-high specific surface fibers
Article is based on Nano Pores which is ultra high Surface Fibers. It includes application like chemical conversion, solid support catalysts, selective separation, membrane supported smart materials.
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites by M. Janarthanan, S.Palanisamy, U.Dinesh, P.Pradeep, C.Gowrishankar - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit
Bamboo Fibers and its Application in Textiles- An Overview
Read Article on Bamboo Fibers Application in Textiles, Characteristic of Bamboo Fibres, Dyeing and Finishing of Bamboo Textile, Bamboo Intimate Apparels, Bamboo Non-Woven Fabric, Bamboo Sanitary
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