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Coir Fiber
Coir fibers found in a coconut. Types of coir fibers are white coir fibre, brown coir fibre, coconut coir fibers. Coir Fibre Industry, & coir fibre exporters of India have become famous worldwide.
Bamboo Fibers and its Application in Textiles- An Overview
Read Article on Bamboo Fibers Application in Textiles, Characteristic of Bamboo Fibres, Dyeing and Finishing of Bamboo Textile, Bamboo Intimate Apparels, Bamboo Non-Woven Fabric, Bamboo Sanitary
Development of Product Using Reclaimed Fibers
Development of Reclaimed Fibers: Reclaimed Fibers are from a secondary cycle of processing. Use of Reclaimed Fibers and Textiles are benefit for environment, needed people. 97% of post consumer
Drafting aprons for ring spinning machines
Article is based on Drafting Aprons for Ring Spinning Machines. Aprons made of Synthetic Rubber are made in endless tubular form whereas leather or Synthetic Leather Aprons are made open in strips and
Fiber optic sensors for detection of toxic and biological threats
Article is discussed about Fiber optic sensors for detection of toxic and biological threats. The design of these fiber optic sensors is based on a cladding modification approach. The original passive
Geotechnical and geo synthetic textiles surging ahead in India
Manufacture of geotextiles started in India in 1985-86. Munish Tyagi takes an informed look at the road travelled since then.
Indian Synthetic Textile export feels the blues
Synthetic Textile Exports in 2010-11 – Synthetic Textile Industry, Export of Synthetic Textile Sector in India has good growth potential to emerge as a major outsourcing hub. Due to increasing price
Examining the Effect of Natural and Synthetic UV Absorbers
Article on Examining the Effect of Natural Absorbers and Synthetic UV Absorbers on the UV Protective Properties of Cotton by Neha Singh, Suman Pant, Pankaj Gill & M.S. Parmard. Learn about UV
Natural & Synthetic Auxiliaries for Textile Processing
Natural Auxiliaries and Synthetic Auxiliaries for Textile Processing. Textile Auxiliaries, Natural Textile Auxiliaries, Synthetic Textile Auxiliaries are to facilitate a textile process to increase
Re-Balancing Fibre Requirements for Textile Vision 2020
As per the current Global Fibre Market,Global Fiber Demand,Global Fibre Trade,Indian Fiber Demand, Fibre Trade and Indian Fibre Market The Re-Balancing Fibre Requirements for Textile Vision 2020 has
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