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Babytease introduces new t-shirts & hats for twin, Canada
Responding to the rising twin birthrate, infant apparel producer Babytease has introduced new t-shirts and hats made especially for twins.
JEM to offer screen-printed T-Shirts featuring JAKKS, United States Of America
JAKKS Pacific Inc has signed a licensing agreement with apparel company JEM Sportswear to bring JAKKS Pacific's Fly Wheels brand into fashion aisles
Apparel brand Pi-e-t creates religious t-shirts range, United States Of America
Pi-e-t is a new Christian apparel brand from South Florida that was created with the goal of designing Christian products using a different approach
XYIENCE introduces t-shirts inspired by MMA arts, United States Of America
XYIENCE introduces the first phase of a new line of co-branded apparel with its team of mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar athletes
Simeon Farrar launches statement T-shirts range for ASOS, United Kingdom
Simeon Farrar, the London-based designer, is back with a new line of exclusive-yet-affordable T-shirts for the UK's largest independent online apparel
WhoopTee mobile tool to design customized t-shirts , United States Of America
WhoopTee, a cutting-edge custom t-shirt screen-printing company, has developed an online designer tool that functions equally well across a variety
Cotton T-shirts with boron could become body armor, United States Of America
A simple cotton T-shirt may one day be converted into tougher, more comfortable body armor for soldiers or police officers.Researchers at the
MADE FROM GRASS (MFG) t-shirts launched, United States Of America
A new movement is emerging across the country engaging people to take a stand and be a part of a sustainable culture based on grass,
itiswhatitis’ 3 new T-shirts with a festive theme, United Kingdom
Silk screen printed t-shirts producer itiswhatitis Ltd announced that company made 3 new T-shirts for festival. The T-shirts with great presence make
Gap presents Artist Editions T-Shirts Collection, United States Of America
Building on its long history of supporting the arts, Gap introduced Artist Editions T-Shirts, a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by 13
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