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Table Linens
Read Article on Application of Linen Textile, Uses Of Woven and Knitted Fabrics and Decorative Home Textile. Use of linen textiles dates back thousands of years, making them some of the oldest
Pomp, Circumstance And Fine Swedish Table Linen
Pomp, Circumstance And Fine Swedish Table Linen
Guidance On The Best Way To Clean The Table Linens And Napkins
Guidance On The Best Way To Clean The Table Linens And Napkins
Excellent weaving loom machines
Weaving Loom Is The Functional Machine That Has Been Present Since Ages.Table Loom Is Also Hand-Operated Also Think Of Floor Loom While You Have The Enough Floor Space. Consider 2 Types Of Looms The
Collaboration is key to sustainability
Collaboration among the value chain can bring huge benefits to the table and will be a sustainable solution for the industry, writes Ajay Sardana.
Karur-The hub of home textiles
The home textiles of Karur can broadly be classified into five groups: bed linen, kitchen linen, toilet linen, table linen and wall hangings. Read More
'Acquiring Nature's Inspiration' lotus effect on textiles
Lotus Effect - Nanotechnology: Lotus effect on textiles has beneficial textile applications in suiting, coats, furnishings, trousers, shower curtains, table covers etc. Fluorocarbon based fabrics are
'Magical Wonder of Wooden Blocks': Fabric Block Printing
Article by Fibre2fashion, Magical Wonder of Wooden Blocks: Fabric Block Printing, curtains, cushion covers, shower curtains, with floral sprays, and delicate patterns, on Fine Cotton Fabrics, Hand
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