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Modern Thai Silk
Thai Silk, Modern Thai Silk is also used in the production of carpets, astronauts clothing, sewing thread, fishing lines and typewriter ribbons. Nail wrap. Chivalrysilk is a Thailand silk manufacture
Holland's hemp history
The seed of the Hemp Plant contains high-grade food oil that was also used for lamp oil, the production of paint and (green) soap. The history of hemp in Holland also goes back for thousands of years.
Air bed mattresses
An Air Bed is basically an inflatable mattress made of plastic or textile-reinforced plastic or rubber. Air Bed Mattress will maintain shape and mold perfectly to your body to provide a perfect nights
Water efficiency in textile processes
Water efficiency in textile processes
Back to batik: fashions and furnishings revisit an age old tradition
The Batik Technique can be done in a factory for mass production, or in smaller quantities per yard.Batik Prints are generally composed of flower motifs, twinning plants, leaves and buds, birds,
The luxury, the indulgence that is velvet...
Velvet Fabrics has in fact been around as early on as 2000BC. Cut Velvet, Crused Velvet and Pann Velvet are common types of Velvet Fabrics. Velvet is a warp-pile fabric, which means that it has one
The new textile technology
Fire Resistant Fibers, Pure Carbon Fibers, Construction Materials are Part of New Textile Technology. Artificial arteries made of knitted polyester textile tubes are used for many patients whose
Characterization and treatments of pineapple leaf fibre
Pineapple leaf fibre (PALF) is one of the natural fibre that have also good potential as reinforcement in thermoplastic composite. Read to know more.
Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Textile Manufacturing
Read Article on Environmental Health, Safety Guidelines for Textile Manufacturing Projects and Facilities for Natural Fibers Synthetic Fiber. The Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines are
Impact of US Recession in its Textile Industry and Chinese Fabric Exports
Read Article on Impact of US Recession in Textile Industry, Impact of US Recession in Chinese Fabric Exports and The China Syndrome on US Recession. Chinese currency appreciation and the meltdown of
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