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AYURVASTRA - An Eco Friendly Textile
Ayurvastra cloth is made of 100% pure organic cotton and also completely free from synthetic chemicals & toxic irritants & is totally organic, sustainable & biodegradable. AYURVASTRA is
Basalt Rock Fibre
Article on Basalt fibre or Basalt rock fibre is manufactured from extremely fine fibres of the basalt, which composed of Pyroxene, Minerals plagioclase and Olivine. Learn about Basalt fibre or Basalt
Guidance on How to Wash Silk Curtains Properly
Guidance on How to Wash Silk Curtains Properly
Why is it necessary to say NO to animal skin
More than 40 Mn Animals killed every year for animal furs and animal skins to make clothes. Be kind, and avoid Clothes Made from Animal Skins and Furs.
A Study on Bamboo/Cotton & Bamboo/Polyester Blended Woven Fabric
Article on Study on Bamboo fabrics, Cotton Fabrics and Polyester Blended Woven Fabric by Sheeba C, Mrs. P. Sasikala and Dr. K. Thangamani and many more at Fibre2fashion.
Cotton Contamination - Its Sources & Remedial Measures
Article On Cotton Contamination Nature Of Contamination, Sources Of Contamination, Contamination Detection System, Contamination Removal At Various Stages Of Spinning by Ms. Madhuri V. Kakde &
Meritorious Merino
Merino Wool Properties - Marino Wool is the most sought after wool. Garments made from it are Costly & has huge demand because of Properties of Merino Wool.
The Ageless Pattern Work of Warp and Weft
Illustration: Edward MacGibbon. Gigham Pattern, 1849. One of the simplest forms of textile pattern work, misleadingly so, is that of plaid, gingham, the use of vertical and horizontal intersecting
Vintage Textiles - Old is new again!
Article on Vintage Textile Vintage, Clothing, Heritage Textile, Heritage Clothing and Special clothes also called heirloom clothing also learn about differentiate between vintage textiles and antique
Quality and Productivity Enhancement in the Garment Textile Industry: A Case Study
Article on Quality Enhancement in Garment Industry and Productivity Enhancement in Apparel Industry with least expenditure on inputs without sacrificing quality and with minimum wastage of resources
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