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The Art of Color Blocking
Read Article on the Art of Color Blocking, Sewing the Color Palette and Colors in Milieu. Color blocking involves cutting the fabric along the line where the color change is required, and then adding
'Cutting a Dash' with Eco Friendly Clothing
Read Article on Eco Friendly Clothing, Statistics of Organic Clothing, Eco Friendly Apparel and Environment Friendly Clothing. Eco friendly fabrics embrace the body with a soft and supple touch. Eco
Application of Plasma Technology in Textile Industry - An Overview
Overview Of Plasma Technology In Textile Industry & Ways To Induce Ionization Of Gases By Schematic Principle Of Plasma Processes Using Thermal Plasma & Cold Or Non-Equilibrium Plasma By
Acrylic Fiber Industry and Current Slowdown
Read Article on Effect of Slowdown on Acrylic Fiber Industry, Statistics of Acrylic Fiber Industry, Acrylic Fiber Value Chain Graph and Global Acrylonitrile Production Capacity 2007. In last year 2007
Neps Devalue Cotton
Read Article on Neps Devalue Cotton, Introduction to Cotton Neps, Chief Causes of Neps, Levels of Neps Create Problems for Spinners and Neps Counts in Other Cottons. Due to the apparent differences of
MEG: How Resilient is the Market?
Read Article on Mono Ethylene Glycol - MEG Market Scenario, Economic Growth and MEG Demand, China Regional MEG Consumption, MEG Application in China, Growth of Downstream Domestic Consumption and
Causes and Remedial Measures of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics
Read Article on Causes of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics, Remedial Measures of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics, Influence of yarn properties, Influence of fabric properties and Influence of machine
Internet Marketing Tool the Key to Your Success
Internet Marketing Tool the Key to Your Success
Fibers & Yarns Industry in Turkey
Read Article on the Fibers and Yarns Industry in Turkey, Production of Turkish Fibers and Yarns, Fibers and Yarns Industry Report, Turkey The Fibers and Yarns Industry Statistics and Turkish The
'Individualization Trend': Warrants Reorientation in Textile Processing
Read Article on Warrants Reorientation in Textile Processing and Exports of German Sewing Garment Technology to Asia. The complete sector of textile processors is once again experiencing radical
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