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Bamboo fibers: A Review
Bamboo fiber is one of the new generation cellulosic fibers which are getting very popular nowadays because of its unique properties in term of feel, comfort, natural shine and so on.
Uncut threads- The menace of apparel industry
In the domestic menace apparel industry for the uncut/loose threads found although companies use kanban principles, poke-yoke, and traffic light system for the quality of the garment.
How to Buy Gemstones on the Internet
How to Buy Gemstones on the Internet
Sports Textiles - Requirements and Their Applications
Sports Textiles - The Applications & requirements of Sport Textiles in various sports games. Now a days special apparels for specific sports are been manufactured.
Viscose Fibre: An ideal substitute for cotton
Viscose Stable Fibre is an ideal substitute for cotton in textile industry because of their physiological advantages when viewed in comparison to synthetic fibers.
Micro Fiber Fabric Dyeing
The History of Micro fibers - Japanese fibre manufacturing companies launched the first micro-denier products during the 1970s. Benefits of Microfibers include comfortable, quickly cleanable, reusable
Corn Fabric: Superior in use and fine in comfort
Corn fabric usage provides perfect balance of toughness and flexibility. Corn fabric offers advantages as it is eco-friendly in comparison to synthetics.
Developing methods to make sustainable fibers and textiles
Local Bangladeshi women are given an opportunity to earn fair living by 'Hand & Cloth', a social organization that help these women to make beautiful quilts
The Future of Sustainable Fabrics and Clothing
The Future of Sustainable Fabric - Turner is a Researcher & Consultant of Sustainable Fashion and textile, and project manager at the sustainable angle.
Clear Platform Shoes-A Guide
Clear Platform Shoes-A Guide
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