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Benefits of Bamboo Fabric
Read Article on Benefits of Bamboo Fabric, Maintenance of Bamboo Clothing and Comparison between Bamboo and Cotton. Bamboo fabric is similar to the softness of silk. Since the fibers are without
'Stone' Washing Jeans: Cellulases
Read Article on Stone Washing Jeans, Stone Bio Wash Jeans and Process of Stone Washing. Freshly dyed jeans are loaded into large washing machines and tumbled with stones. Adding pumice stones gives
Review of the History, Properties and Application of Plant Fibres
Read Article on Review of the History Properties and Application of Plant Fibres, Statistics of Plant Fibres, Types of Fibres and Chemical Composition of Plant Fibre. A complete survey of natural
Turkish Towel's Place in the Global Market
This Article Describes Competitive Advantage Of Turkey In The Global Towel Market For Turkish Towel As Now Trade Liberalization Has Yielded A Globalization Effect On The Global Textile And Apparel
Biodegradable Fibre: Solution for plastic waste free world?
Biodegradable Fibre-Solution For Plastic Waste Free World. Polylactic Acid (PLA), Biodegradable Polymer Becoming Popular Alternative to Manmade Fibres. Process of Manufacturing and Biodegradation of
Light Textiles
Light Textiles Is A Research Work Which Focuses On The Development Of Light Textiles Based On The Integration Of Optical Fibres Into Textile Structures. The Aim Is To Create Textile Light Designs
Value-Addition in the Textile Supply Chain
Value-Addition, People Asking About Value-Addition In Textile Supply Chain, Recommendation From Dye House Solution for Initial Consideration And Study With Different Reasons, Turkey For Technical
High Performance Fibers from Nature
Natural High Performance Fibers, Silk-Spun Protein Fiber from Spiders And Insects, Spider Silk Production Not Domesticated, Spider Dragline And Silkworm Cocoon Silks Considered As Semi Crystalline
Importance of Microorganisms in Soil Fertility of Mulberry Gardens
Importance Of Microorganisms In Soil Fertility Of Mulberry Gardens, Soil System Consists Of Solid, Liquid And Gaseous Substances. Microorganisms In Soil Greatly Influences Qualitative Composition Of
Developments in the Processing of Lyocell Fabrics
Developments In Processing Of Lyocell Fabrics Defined As Regenerated Cellulosic Fibre Obtained By Spinning Of Dissolved Wood Pulp In Organic Solvent, NMMO-N-Methyl-Morphaline-N-Oxide Derived From
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