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Africa has a Chance
The 2019 conference of the African Cotton Association in Bamako (Mali) revealed a lack of progress in the African cotton sector, reports Jozef De Coster. There's much frustration in the African cotton
Cross-pollination of trends
Cross-cultural values & ethics have shaped the world of fashion into an awe-inspiring platform, says Riya Jain. Read for more information on Cross-pollination.
New Vistas in Weaving Trends
Article By S. Aishwariya, New Vistas In Trendy Weaving, Art Of Swifting The Warp & Weft In A Precised And Systematic Manner Called Weaving, India And Its Weaving History Dates Back To The
Value Creation in Post Consumer Apparel Waste
Importance of Post Consumer Apparel Waste and Post Industrial Waste. An article about the Uses of Post Industrial Waste and Post Consumer Apparel Waste for recycling. Learn more about the Recycling of
View from the Shoulders of Thar Masters : New Spaces for Ply-Split Braiding
Ply-Split Braiding is a Textile-Making Technique that Involves Separating the Plies of one cords which essentially go through each other. See the view from the Shoulders of Thar Masters - New Spaces
Everything's coming up eco! / E for earth, e for eco!
The eco-friendly clothing revolution is growing stronger by the day, says Jon Klein. Read to know, how companies are rapidly adopting eco-friendly materials.
Reckoning the INDIA ITME 2008 Show
The 8th India ITME Show was held from November 15th to 22nd, 2008 was held in Bangalore at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. Read more details.
Cheap Checks: With Flip Flops on Them
The rubber soled thong sandals known as flip-flops-referred to as jandals or slippers in some other cultures- have existed in one way or another for over 6,000 years, although the vernacular term flip
What's Hot for the Season? Forecasts for 2009/10
Hot For 2009/10 Season, Fabric, Color, And Material Forecast Is A Serious Business. Colors, Textures, Shapes And Motifs Play A Crucial Role In Shaping The Forthcoming Trends, The Never Changing Nature
Enzymes-Nature's Catalysts
Enzymes-Natures Catalysts, Enzymes Are Proteins That Catalyze Chemical Reactions. In These Reactions, The Molecules At The Beginning Of The Process Are Called Substrates, And The Enzyme Converts These
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