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Nanofibres for novel medical textile applications
Application of nanofibres in medical textiles – The usage of nanofibres for the purposes of air and liquid filtration in battery separators, sound insulation, fluid barriers in wound etc.
Tension Fabric: Engineering its way in the construction industry
The tension fabric is created with fibres that run vertical directions, and are weaved in and out of each other. Tension fabrics in construction involve a rigid frame made from aluminum, steel, timber
Contemporary designers utilising the comfort of tweed
Contemporary designers utilising the comfort of tweed clothing - It is part of high-end stores and has been on catwalks in couture collections. Tweed fabric is used in making clothing, covers for hip
How To Choose A Great Pair Of Golf Shoes - Essential To Your Golf Success
How To Choose A Great Pair Of Golf Shoes - Essential To Your Golf Success
The global cotton price dip: What's in store for apparel market?
The global cotton price dip: What's in store for apparel market?
Low stress mechanical properties of woven silk fabrics (Part-1)
Application of woven silk fabrics which contain unique characteristics such as handle, drape, appearance, lustre and comfort properties, silk is used in both apparels such as saris, dress, shirts,
Nano-textiles show glimpse of great future
Nano -Textiles show glimpse of great future - The global nanotechnology market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 16.5 per cent between 2014 and 2020. The world is working on innovations in
Moisture Management of Textiles
Moisture Management of Textiles - Moisture Management fabric it needs to fulfill the absence of dampness, dimensionally stable even when wet and durable. The main aim of moisture management fabric is
Banana fibre: Green apparel of the future
In Japan, banana fibre is used for making traditional kimono and kamishimo dress Japanese people still prefer to wear dresses made from banana fabric as summer wear.
Modifying the drape characteristic of skirts by application of resin finishes
Importance of drape - Garment drape has received major attention of the researchers and designers since the beginning because it affects aesthetics of a garment.
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