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Fashion After 40
Fashion After 40
Green Edge of Blue Denim
Green Edge Denim: Eco Friendly Denim Comes in Denim Industry with Eco Friendly treatments. Various Eco Friendly Denim Processing techniques like Desizing, Denim Bleaching Techniques and Laser
An Introduction to Milk Fiber-A Review
Milk Fiber: Review of Milk Fiber,Milk Fiber Yarn,Milk Fiber Clothing,Milk Yarn,Milk Fibre,Milk Fibre Yarn,Milk Fiber Content,Milk Fiber Advantages,Cyarn Milk Protein Fiber, and Cyarn Milk Protein
Developing Flexible Packaging Solutions to meet Changing Market Expectations
Flexible Packaging: Developing Flexible Packaging Solutions to meet Changing Market Expectations presentation by Mr. Rocky Vermani, Managing Director, NOVA Chemicals, Switzerland at Indian Petrochem
Studies on the Utilization of Hybrid Energy in Domestic Silk Reeling Basin
Silk Reeling: Silk Reeling is the process by which a number of cocoon baves are reeled together to produce a single thread. Silk reeling industry is energy intensive in all stages of production like,
Quality Assurance in Denim
Denim Quality Assurance: Denim Quality Management in Denim mill can thus significantly help in achieving the objectives and defined as the planned and systematic activities implemented in a system for
Impact of Environmental Changes on Thermal Behaviour of Textile Materials
Thermal Comfort of Textile Material - Environmental conditions and changes do affect the insulation properties of textiles. Thermal conductivity measurement and thermal conductivity material is an
Creating a Global Vision for Sustainable Textiles
Eco Labels - Consumer information tools, which provide information relating to the environmental characteristics of products and compare the performance of same products. Know more about Eco Labels
Development of Textiles for Automotive Applications Using Recycled Fibres
Recycled Fibres – Development of Automotive Textile, Recycled Fiber Clothing, Recycled Fiber Apparel, Clothing for Automotive Application using Recycled fibres is eco friendly way and innovative
An Overview of Processing and Application of Lyocell
Lyocell Fabrics: Lyocell is the first in a new generation of cellulosic fibers made by a solvent spinning process. Lyocell Yarn, Lyocell Manufacturing Process, Application of Lyocell Fibre, Lyocell
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