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Digitalisation as an opportunity for the textile industry
To establishment a sustainable and circular textile industry, future textile professionals need to understand and capitalise on all possibilities of digitalisation to save costs and resources, say
The Truth About Textile Recycling
Textile recycling is starting to catch on, but are all fibres equally recyclable? In previous posts, we covered the pollution crisis caused by excessive textile production and waste around the globe.
Herbal textile
This article explains about our oldest tradition of herbal textile which has now lost its existence. Know what herbal textiles are & its market potential.
Textile Conservation
Textile Conservation, Top 7 Challenges To Textile Conservation. Textiles Sensitive Ambient Conditions, Heat, Cold, Humidity, Fluctuations. Starch Finishes Attract Dust, Dirt, Bugs. Modern Technology
Textile Industry
The Process Of Making A Cloth Requires Three Steps; The Preparation Of Fibers, Spinning And Weaving, Textile Sector Is Fuelling The Economy Of Various Developing Countries. There Was A Time When The
Textile Fibres
Article By Muhammad Aleem Ahmed, On The Textile Fibres And Classification Of Textile Fibres, As Fibres Are The Fundamental Units Or The Building Blocks Used In The Making Of Textile Yarns And Fabrics,
Mems in Textile
Article By Mayur D. Katkar And Sourabh Shinde On Textile Industry, Particularly In The Weaving Areas, Needs Sensors To Monitor For Faults And To Aid The Automation Of Warp Yarn Repair. As Mems Micro
Textile Manufacturing
Article By Pravin Patel On Textile Manufacturing As One Of The Biggest Barrier In The Growth Of Textile Industry Is The Inability To Deliver The Consistent Quality Product Because As The Common Belief
The Textile Art
The core of the textile art is its weaving.The textile art expresses an idea through the medium of textiles.
Textile - History of textiles
Textile - History of textiles by Sebastian Foss - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel Industry Articles,
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