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Sops Won't Spur Textiles as Global Consumption Drops
Read Article on Current Job Scenario in Textile Industry, Possibility of Layoff in Textile Industry and Impact of Recession on Textile Industry. With global apparel consumption hitting rock bottom and
Recession Cannibalizes more Indian Textile Jobs
Article on the Recession effect on the India textile industry and apparel manufacturing companies and increment in the unemployment ration due to the Recession.
The right watch for the right job
The right watch for the right job by Melissa Peterman - Free Fashion Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel Industry
Recession Blues Infect Textile Jobs in India
Read Importance Information on Impact of Recession on Indian Textile Industry Jobs, Ashok Bhagat Opinion on Textile Jobs Scenario, Steps to Be Taken to Overcome Recession and Crisis and Insulate the
Textile laser-optical system for inspecting fabric structure and form
Article is based on Textile Laser-optical system for Inspecting Fabric Structure and form.The American textile industry has lost an estimated 400,000 jobs to offshore competitors since 1980. It is
Labor Force - the unsettling apparel industry issue
Apparel Industry Jobs by 2012 - Global textile and garment industry holds a promise of creating an additional 12 million high skilled apparel jobs, clothing jobs by 2012 to achieve 805 billion USD
What good can textile parks do to the economy?
Contribution of Textiles Parks Development in Economy of India. Textile Parks brings more jobs in industry and create employment opportunities.
Job outlook: Fashion merchandising
Job outlook: Fashion merchandising
Dressing up for the job interview
Dressing up for the job interview
Dressing for the Job
Dressing for the Job
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