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Wear Fruity Clothing with Banana Fibres
Now A Days Fibre Is Made From Banana Tree Also So You Can Wear Fruity Clothing With Banana Fibres That Is Known As High Quality Fibres. Akali Solution Is Used To For Making The Fibre. There Are
Application of Six Sigma Concepts in Garment Manufacturing
Application Of Six Sigma Concepts In Garment Manufacturing, Introduction Of Six Sigma, Total Quality Management Has Become A Buzzword In The Business Management Field All Over The World. Its
Textile Manufacturing
Article By Pravin Patel On Textile Manufacturing As One Of The Biggest Barrier In The Growth Of Textile Industry Is The Inability To Deliver The Consistent Quality Product Because As The Common Belief
High Volume Instrumentation
Article By Anoop Phanse On High Volume Instrumentation, Most Of The Cotton Produced Is Being Traded And Exported As A Commodity In An International Market, Cotton Quality Is A Function Of Its Variety,
Quality assessment of sewing threads
Quality assessment of sewing threads
Application of Various Finishing of Wool
Article by P.Aravin Prince on application of various finishing of wool as Indian apparel wool (33 million kg) is consumed in worsted fabric, knitwear and shawl industries, The rising power of Indian
'Dress to the Nines' with Banana Fibre Fabrics
Dress To The Nines With Banana Fibre Fabrics, Making Of Banana Fabric, Wear Fruity Clothing, Potential Applications Of Banana Fabric. Banana Plant Is Endowed With Virtuous Fibres Used To Make Good
A Study on the Effectiveness of Blending Tencel/Cotton for Producing Union Fabrics
The creation of new textile fibers with specific qualities to compete with established fibers. New fiber blends have been created to combine many of these qualities into new trade mark.
End Breakage in Spinning - A Major Performance Indicator of Spinning Mill
End Breakage in Spinning: To increase profit and quality in ring spinning process is to keep end breakage rate to low level. The end breakage in ring spinning determines the quality of spinning mills.
Rug Fibres Explained
Rug Fibres and Carpet Fibres Explained: Quality of fibers used in rugs and carpets will provide you idea about quality of Rugs, Carpets and Cost. Read more about Rug Fibres,Carpet Fibres,Rug
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