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Measures to Reduce Cotton Contamination in Ginneries
Quality of cotton fibres are mainly depend on gin condition, picking, storage, transportation practices, pre-cleaning and moisture control. Cotton contamination comes from farms, ginning factories and
Innovative Home Textiles
Innovative home textiles are made of such fabric that makes one feel so relaxed. These home decor innovation is available in various colors, quality and fabrics.
Mohair - strong & sheen natural fibres
Mohair fibre characteristics are the main cause which makes it popular in textile industry. Mohair fabrics has restored its place as a luxury and quality raw material.
Yellowing of textiles
Yellowing of textile fabrics is one of the oldest and most widespread quality problems known. Causes of Yellowing are Fiber Degradation, Chemical Additives or Auxiliaries, Atmospheric Pollutants,
Uncut threads- The menace of apparel industry
In the domestic menace apparel industry for the uncut/loose threads found although companies use kanban principles, poke-yoke, and traffic light system for the quality of the garment.
Defects in garments
In the Garment Industry quality control of practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of final finished garment. There are some certain Defects in Garments like
Source and Effective Utilization of Textile Waste in Tirupur
Textile Waste: Effective Utilization of Textile Waste in Tirupur India. Find quality Textile Waste Products, Textile Waste Manufacturers, Textile Waste Suppliers and Exporters. Learn recovery and/or
Preparation for High Speed Spinning Of PV Fibre Dyed Yarns
Preparation of High Speed Spinning Machine for PV Fibre Dyed Yarns, Fibre Dyed Yarn to speed up its ring frames not only depends heavily on quality of the fibers, but also on capability of mill
Effect of Weaving Preparation on Cotton Fabric
Effect of Weaving Preparation on Cotton Fabric weaving is nothing but simple interlacement of warp & weft yarns; this process depends on type, quality & continuity of yarn coming from weaving
Spinning of Eri Silk Yarn using Amber Charka Technique
Eri Silk Yarn – Manufacturing and Spinning of Eri Silk Yarn using Amber Charka Techniques can be achieved best quality level and this spinning yarn technique reduce cost level of production and Amber
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