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Interactions between AFIS fibre properties and yarn properties: predicting yarn properties by using regression models
Article is based on Models for Predicting the most important ring yarn quality characteristics were built using Multiple Linear Regression which are based on AFIS Fiber Properties, yarn count, yarn
Sewing Threads & their Technical Applications
Sewing threads small diameter yarns satisfy the needs of end use applications in many technical textile aspects. Know different types of industrial sewing threads qualities and their technical
Quality Improvization of Apparel Industry Using 5S System
5S System for Quality Apparel: Quality improvisation of Apparel industry by 5S System which is used for Quality Testing of Apparel and Quality of Textiles. Read more about 5S System for Apparels and
Technical Parameters of the Textile
Quality Is Of Prime Importance For Every Industry Or Business, To Get Increased Sales And Better Name Amongst Consumers & Fellow Companies. Generally Quality Control Standards For Export Are Set
Agro Textiles - high performance fabrics with big potential
Agricultural fabrics provide a wide range of woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics. High potential agricultural textiles for quality vegetables and fruits has increased its demand.
Socks and its Manufacturing
Socks and Cotton Socks Manufacturers: Manufacturing of Socks and Socks Manufacturing Process require quality raw materials used by Socks Manufacturers. Learn more about casual socks, sports socks and
Analysis of Wastage Caused by Fabric Defects
Fabric Defect – Various types of fabric defect due to fabric quality and various fabric losses that occur during garment production. Fabric Defect Detection Method and Fabric Inspection Methods
Quality characteristics of Ring and O.E. yarns spun from Egyptian and Upland cotton blends
Egyptian cotton variety is of higher quality than the upland cotton Blends especially in fiber strength, length uniformity, fiber fineness, and elongation. Open End Spun Yarns have a coefficient of
Quality assurance in textile education
Quality Assurance in Technical Education System is pertinent to provide high quality human resources and excellence in emerging technologies. The organizations who deliver Textile Education to the
Quality issues for Australian cotton from the mill perspective
Australian Cotton Shippers Association (ACSA) conducted a survey during 2002 and 2003 to determine how customers of Australian Cotton, i.e. spinning mills, perceived the quality of Australian Cotton
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