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China backs drive to upgrade quality of exports, China
China is to back a self-improvement drive aimed at improving the quality of country’s exports. This drive has been initiated by six .....
Italy gets conscious about quality feather goods, China
Customs department of Italy would rather have the goods stock up at the ports than allow them into its domestic market without any...
Quality and Productivity Enhancement in the Garment Textile Industry: A Case Study
Article on Quality Enhancement in Garment Industry and Productivity Enhancement in Apparel Industry with least expenditure on inputs without sacrificing quality and with minimum wastage of resources
Quality of Work Life among Textile Mill Employees in Coimbatore City
Coimbatore Textile Mills - Quality of Work Life of Employees in Coimbatore Textile Mills and Textile Industry QWL is comprehensive, department-wide program designated to improve employee satisfaction,
‘Chinese textile makers need to focus on quality markets’, China
China, the global leader in textile and apparel manufacturing, is suffering from high labor cost and in order to reduce the impact of increasing
Quality Improvization of Apparel Industry Using 5S System
5S System for Quality Apparel: Quality improvisation of Apparel industry by 5S System which is used for Quality Testing of Apparel and Quality of Textiles. Read more about 5S System for Apparels and
Spinning machines made in Italy: A strategic sector for quality textiles
Spinning machines made in Italy: A strategic sector for quality textiles
Govt to make Sinkiang a quality textile production hub, China
Government of China has already implemented the policy of shifting the textile enterprises from the eastern side of the country to...
Quality supply of products impresses EU, Sri Lanka
Credit was given to Sri Lanka for supplying excellent products that have a huge demand in the European market. The scheme is designed only to assist the country in its aim to...
Freudenberg contributes to better air quality in India, India
As one of the most important global economic hub, India has invariably witnessed a significant increase in energy consumption, triggering a rise in
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