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New Approach towards Quality Control in Spinning Mills
Quality Control in Spinning Mills: Quality Control is concerned with sampling, specifications and testing for the Spinning mills. New approaches and New Quality Control Systems help the spinning mills
Quality systems for garment manufacture
Garment Manufacturer emphasis on Quality Control Systems like terms of garment, pre-sales service, posts -sales service, delivery, pricing, etc are essentials required to ensure that the requisite
Quality Control in Apparel
Article By Velumani Du, Quality Control In Apparel, Textile Product Meets Various Physical, Chemical And Mechanical Processes During Pre-Production And Various Stresses Put On The Garment During Post
Contamination in PV Fiber Dyed Spinning - A Big Threat to Yarn and Fabric Quality
The contamination is one of the major challenges faced by spinners in India even though it is a non-technical issue in nature.
Technical Parameters of the Textile
Quality Is Of Prime Importance For Every Industry Or Business, To Get Increased Sales And Better Name Amongst Consumers & Fellow Companies. Generally Quality Control Standards For Export Are Set
Defects in garments
In the Garment Industry quality control of practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of final finished garment. There are some certain Defects in Garments like
Measures to Reduce Cotton Contamination in Ginneries
Quality of cotton fibres are mainly depend on gin condition, picking, storage, transportation practices, pre-cleaning and moisture control. Cotton contamination comes from farms, ginning factories and
No Quality Product without Quality Seams
Article By Amann Group On No Quality Product Without Quality Seams As Quality Is Popular . Even The People Of The Ice Age Protected Their Bodies From The Cold With Fur And Nettings Of Plant Fibres.
The 7 Mistakes Apparel Manufacturers Make
Apparel manufacturing is a complex business, and to excel in this business as anywhere else one needs to avoid making certain cardinal mistakes. The global apparel market was estimated at $1,800
Quality Mulberry Silk Production
Mulberry Silk in India - Mulberry silk production is about 16,000 metric tones and during the 12th plan period, the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India is contemplating to boost production to
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