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What Textile Managers Should Know To Succeed?
Textile Engineering graduate joins Textile and apparel industry to deal with machines, any design oriented subject, quality control, thermodynamics ,logistics of transportation. Textile Manager should
Online control of knitted fabric quality: Loop length control
Online control of knitted fabric quality: Loop length control which discusses other aspects like Samples and Experiments, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION of Circular knitting Machine, Knitting
TQM: Towards zero defects
Total Quality Management (TQM), ISO are Quality Management System.and its elements (Statistical process control, (SPC), Kaizen, Advance product quality planning and control (APQP), have a distinctive
Traffic Light System - A Visual Quality Control Tool
Garment style is changing day by day so traffic light system is used for quality inspection in garment industry for time consumption. Learn more the role of traffic light system in garment industry.
Precautions to Be Taken During Garment Manufacturing and Processing
It Also Defines The Quality Control In Garment Processing,
Pollution and Its Control in Textile Industry
Article By Laxman.M.Shinde, Pollution And Its Control In Textile Industry, Pollution Is The Discharge Of Unwanted Material, Residue And Energy Into The Environment, Pollution In A Composite Textile
Garment Merchandising and Export Procedures
Article by Velumani Du., Garment Merchandising and Export Procedures, After LPG (Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization) the business gets more important and now merchandising is on its hot
A Comprehensive Overview of Antimicrobial & Odor Control Finishing for Textiles
A Comprehensive Overview of Antimicrobial & Odor Control Finishing for Textiles
Why New Fashion Designers Need to Have a Quality Management System
Implementing and documenting a quality management system, or a QMS for short, is an important part of boosting quality control in fashion product sampling and production.
Techniques for Quality Management in a Textile Supply Chain
Quality Management Techniques - The Use of Quality Management in Textile Supply Chain is one of The Key Competitive Factor.
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