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Quality Assurance in Garments and its Importance in Today's Era
Garment Quality Assurance - An Article About Quality Assurance For Textile and Apparel Industry. Garment Quality Assurance is must for any Garment Exporters.
Importance of Quality in Today's Textile
Quality in textile is of most importance to meet changing consumer demand. Various textile testing parameters are keys to achieve good quality.
How does SBS Zipper march towards excellence with quality control?
Take a sneak-peek into quality control measures taken by SBS Zippers to maintain the highest standards followed by the organisation.
Quality assurance in textile education
Quality Assurance in Technical Education System is pertinent to provide high quality human resources and excellence in emerging technologies. The organizations who deliver Textile Education to the
E-control - The Ecofriendly Process
E-control - The Ecofriendly Process on Textile Dye. Basic principle and recommended dyes for E-control process - Ecofriendly application method & Cost reduction method.
Antimicrobial products in textile industry
Demonstration of efficacy is despite the production of Antimicrobial Products, antimicrobial textile products. Antimicrobial treatment for textile materials is necessary to control the infestation by
A Study on Quality of Work Life of Employees in Textile Industry
Study of Quality of Work Life of Employees in Textile Industry and Clothing Industry and Garment Industry.Textile Industry QWL is multidimensional construct usually referring to overall satisfaction
Quality Programmes to Remould the Textile World
Quality Programmes to Remould the Textile World
Hemp fibre for high quality textile
Hemp fabric is a sustainable textile made of fibres of a very high-yielding crop in the cannabis sativa plant family. Historically used for industrial purposes, like rope and sails, hemp is known as
Textile Monitoring Program (TMP) - By USA to Control the Flooding Exports of China
Read Article on Textile Monitoring Program, Statistics of U.S. Clothing and Textile Trade with China, US textile groups seek TMP - Textile Monitoring Program and Efforts of USA to Control Flooding
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