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Micro encapsulation of Phase Change Material
Micro encapsulation of Phase Change Material
New Generation E-Textiles
New Generation E-Textiles
Performance of nonwoven cellulosic composites for automotive interiors
The cellulosic-based Nonwoven Composites contribute to the absorptive properties of the components and are effective for overall noise reduction in the vehicle. Various blends of Cellulosic Based
PTFE Sewing Thread-Special Sewing Threads for Technical Applications
PTFE Sewing Thread Is A Special Sewing Threads For Technical Applications, PTFE Sewing Thread And GORE TENARA® Sewing Thread Is Made From 100% Pure Expanded PTFE Fiber But GORE TENARA Is Two To Three
Selection of Fiber for Geotextiles
Natural Fibers in Geotextiles – The use of natural fibers as Geotextiles in paper strips, jute nets, wood shavings or wool mulch.
Self-cleaning clothes
Cleaning Clothes, Self Cleaning Clothes are expected to be on the market within the next five years, according to the researchers. self cleaning materials are based on nano crystals making the surface
Technology Involved in Breathable Sportswear
Technology Involved in Breathable Sportswear - To improve the degree of breath ability of garments there are inner layer fabric and outer layer fabric are being used.
Textile-based personal protective equipment for healthcare personnel
Personal protective gear can protect the healthcare personnel in the US who deliver care to the patients infected with disease; say Sumit Mandal & Guowen Song.
Various Applications of Awnings and Canopies
Various Applications of Awnings and Canopies
Viloft nonwoven: "Route to flushability"
Greater consumer awareness and stricter regulations from local governmental bodies and the European Union has forced the nonwoven industry to rethink the strategy for products that are likely to be
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