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The management of quality
The management of quality
Total Quality Management
Organization must need to implement the total quality management system and TQM concepts to get the satisfaction from the customers and suppliers.
Yarn Quality Improved by ACP Quality Package
Read Information on Yarn Quality Improved by ACP Quality Package, The Drafting Process on the Ring Spinning Machine, The Break-Draft, Preliminary Remarks, The Main Draft and The ACP Quality Package.
Yarn Tension Control during Knitting
Yarn Tension Control is the most important factor. The yarn input tension is as light as possible consistent with adequate yarn control. Yarn Tension control is affected by adjusting the knock-over
Enterprise Resource Planning-What Is It?
Enterprise Resource Planning Is A Method Used By Organisations For Integrating Its Data And Processes Into One System. To Be Able To Achieve Integration, This Method Will Usually Have Many Components
You don't always get what you pay for: evaluating quality in apparel
The Quality in Apparel is determined by the characteristics of each of its components from fiber to fabric to the very last finishing detail. Quality Fashion Fabric has positive and negative
Ensuring a silky protection - 'Silk Mark'
Silk Mark is a Quality Assurance Label for Silk Fabrics. Silk Mark ensures quality of silk, quality of silk fabrics, natural silk fabrics, and natural silk products.
Treatment of textile industrial dyes by simple ozonation with waterrecirculation
Report is emphasis on treatment of Textile Industrial Dyes by Simple Ozonation which was observed at the initial pH of the aqueous colorants solutions UV-VIS analysis was used for preliminary control
Easy ways of moving from partial quality management to total quality management
Article is emphasis on easy ways of moving from Partial Quality Management to Total Quality Management. It is tough but helps a lot related to Improved Reporting and Planning, Building Both Knowledge
Quality of Work Life among Textile Mill Employees in Coimbatore City
Coimbatore Textile Mills - Quality of Work Life of Employees in Coimbatore Textile Mills and Textile Industry QWL is comprehensive, department-wide program designated to improve employee satisfaction,
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