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Interview: Textile Industry, Representatives, Head honchos
Uniforms, corporate clothing or institutional wear—is a big business category in the fashion industry. Fibre2fashion spoke to top designers of the country about how the concept of uniform designing .
Interview: Textile Industry, Representatives, Head honchos
There has been a flurry of activities in the textile world, where we keep hearing about a new fibre being developed every now and then, the pandemic having accelerated the process. Fibre2fashion spoke
Interview: Textile Industry, Representatives, Head honchos
Fibre2fashion spoke to some textile and apparel companies about how they are reaching out to provide relief to hospitals and
Interview: Textile Industry, Representatives, Head honchos
Fibre2fashion spoke to some fibre brands about the marketing strategies they are implementing to reach apparel manufacturers and end-consumers.
Interview: Textile industry, Textiles Head, Head honchos
The southern states are a major contributor to India’s textile and apparel exports. Fibre2Fashion spoke to a cross-section of people on the ground seeking their analyses and perceptions.
Interview: Textile industry, CEOs and Founders, Head honchos
On International Yoga Day Fibre2Fashion spoke to head honchos of Indian activewear brands to find about the latest trends in fabrics, colours and styles in athleisure.
Interview: Textile industry, Textile representatives, Head honchos
India has decided to not join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Fibre2Fashion talks to some industry representatives to know their views.
Interview: Textile industry, Textile representatives, Head honchos
The concept of gender-free clothing is not new, but today, it is a market segment in itself. Fibre2Fashion talks to some people who design & sell gender-free clothing.
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile representatives, Head honchos
Textile was once a thriving industry in East Africa. Fibre2Fashion talks to few participants in the recently concluded textile event Origin Africa about the textile-apparel-fashion industry in Africa.
Interview: Textile Industry, Textile Representative, Head honchos
The world has come to a standstill and Covid-19 wreaks havoc on the textile industry too. Fibre2Fashion spoke to few industry stakeholders about how they are coping with the situation.
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