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Testing Of Technical Textiles
Testing Of Technical Textiles
Evolution in cotton testing instruments
HVI testing, LVI Testing, Fibro Gram Method is Cotton Testing Instruments. The HVI testing is attractive due to the classing of cotton and the laying down of a mix in the spinning mill. The fibro gram
Effects of different parameters on ultra protection factor of Textile
Ultra protection Factor of Textile - The transmission of ultraviolet radiation through a specimen is measured on a spectrophotometer or spectro radiometer at known wavelength intervals.
Importance of Quality in Today's Textile
Quality in textile is of most importance to meet changing consumer demand. Various textile testing parameters are keys to achieve good quality.
Importance of Testing In Value Addition to Apparel
Importance of Testing In Value Addition to Apparel
Business Continuity Testing starts with the risks
Business Continuity Testing starts with the risks
Physical & comfort properties of spun silk knitted fabrics
Spun silk knitted fabrics have higher bursting strength, higher abrasion resistance, higher air permeability, better wicking, higher shrinkage and lower drape as against the comparable Cotton Knitted
Quality Improvization of Apparel Industry Using 5S System
5S System for Quality Apparel: Quality improvisation of Apparel industry by 5S System which is used for Quality Testing of Apparel and Quality of Textiles. Read more about 5S System for Apparels and
Eurofins Product Testing contributing to safer & healthier world
Eurofins Product Testing is a leading international third-party testing, inspection and certification body and a provider of risk control management solutions for textiles, leather and footwear among
Indianise Apparel Testing & Wash-care Instructions
There is an urgent need for textile chemists and labs to come up with revised test parameters for washing patterns as per Indian requirements and conditions.
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