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Evolution in cotton testing instruments
HVI testing, LVI Testing, Fibro Gram Method is Cotton Testing Instruments. The HVI testing is attractive due to the classing of cotton and the laying down of a mix in the spinning mill. The fibro gram
Business Continuity Testing starts with the risks
Business Continuity Testing starts with the risks
Testing Methods for Protection against Ultraviolet Radiation - A Review
Read to know about the testing Methods for Ultraviolet Radiation Testing/UV Radiation and Protection against Ultraviolet Radiation. View complete article.
Sops Won't Spur Textiles as Global Consumption Drops
Read Article on Current Job Scenario in Textile Industry, Possibility of Layoff in Textile Industry and Impact of Recession on Textile Industry. With global apparel consumption hitting rock bottom and
Importance of Quality in Today's Textile
Quality in textile is of most importance to meet changing consumer demand. Various textile testing parameters are keys to achieve good quality.
Effects of different parameters on ultra protection factor of Textile
Ultra protection Factor of Textile - The transmission of ultraviolet radiation through a specimen is measured on a spectrophotometer or spectro radiometer at known wavelength intervals.
Influence of Longitudinal Straining on Tensile Characteristics of Compact Yarns
Tensile Characteristics of Compact Yarns - Different types of tensile test and experiments have been taken to reduce the strain rate of compact yarns. Know more about the tensile characteristics of
Technical Parameters of the Textile
Quality Is Of Prime Importance For Every Industry Or Business, To Get Increased Sales And Better Name Amongst Consumers & Fellow Companies. Generally Quality Control Standards For Export Are Set
Europe's Back
Keeping traditional skills and finding new skills-that's the challenge as the European textiles and apparel industry shows signs of revival.Many professionals in Asia believe that the textiles and
Testing, Inspection, and Certification: A question of benchmarks
The testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) for textiles is still in its infancy, Consumer awareness about international benchmarks may be a bit limited now
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