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Handloom Mark - The Assured Originality
Read Article on Handloom Mark, Standard of certification for Handloom Mark, Objective and Scope of Handloom Mark, Domestic Market Eligibility Criteria and Authenticity of Handloom and Handicraft. The
Regenerated Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme
TUFS has facilitated an increase in productivity; cost and waste reduction; and improved quality across the value chain.
Draft of National Fibre Policy: Executive Summary
Government of India has put the draft of national fibre policy 2010 on its website and invited suggestion, comments and changes. Due to Fibre policy, textile and garment sector can trade worldwide
Medieval Sicilian Textiles
Medieval Sicilian Textiles: Sicily was well known for its textile production, Medieval Textile Clothing, Medieval Silk Fabric, Sicilian Silk Textiles during the emirate period of its history.
How to judge your professional dress
How to judge your professional dress
Indian Cotton Prints of the Nineteenth Century
Indian Cotton Prints: Textile Cotton Prints, Cotton Print Design of Nineteenth Century which actually produced in India and Indian Textile Print Design, Indian Cotton Prints Design are widely popular
Bosnian Carpet Weaving
Bosnian Carpet Weaving
Coptic Textile Design Work
Coptic Textile Designs: Coptic Textile Design is original From Egypt. Egyptian Coptic Textile, Ancient Coptic Textile, Textile Round Design from Egypt, Silk Textile Design are interestingly riginal
Silk Fiber Production to Application
Silk Fibre Production and Application - Silk fiber is a filament spun by the caterpillars of various butter flies. There are various types of silks such as wild silk, thrown silk, organize silk and
Interior Textiles
The need for interior textiles is increasing rapidly day by day, so that it provides a good scope for textile manufactures, traders and retailers, say Dr. M. Krishnakumar and D. Sureshkumar.
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