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Interior Textiles
The need for interior textiles is increasing rapidly day by day, so that it provides a good scope for textile manufactures, traders and retailers, say Dr. M. Krishnakumar and D. Sureshkumar.
When computers meet textiles
Computers and textiles have become an important part of everyday life, say B Deepti Reddy, Ayodya Kavitha and Dr J Hayayadana. Once upon a time, and for centuries thereafter, computers did not have
Automotive Textiles
Article By Arif K. Naikwade & Amit D. Kumbhar On Automotive Textiles As Technical Textiles Are Generally Recognized To Be The Most Dynamic & Promising Areas For The Future Of The Textile
Medical textiles
Medical textiles by Chet Ram Meena, Nitin Ajmera* and Pranaya kumar Sabat - Free Technical Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Technical Textiles Whitepapers, Technical Textile
Biotechnology in Textiles
Biotechnology In Textiles helps Textile Industry for Seeking New Sources of Innovation. Biotechnology Makes Possible To Produce Cotton With Improved Fiber Features. Biostoning Of Denim Jeans Achieved
Light Textiles
Light Textiles Is A Research Work Which Focuses On The Development Of Light Textiles Based On The Integration Of Optical Fibres Into Textile Structures. The Aim Is To Create Textile Light Designs
Spinning Textiles
Spinning is an ancient textile art in which plant, animal or synthetic fibers are twisted together to form yarn (or thread, rope, or cable)
Textiles in Defense
Textiles in defense are used in uniforms, tents, parachutes, ropes, and safety harnesses. Know applications of defense textile products.
Self-cleaning textiles
Self cleaning textile technology gives longevity and durability to clothes. Dirt and water repellent fabrics keep the exterior clean due to self cleaning textile technology.
Yellowing of textiles
Yellowing of textile fabrics is one of the oldest and most widespread quality problems known. Causes of Yellowing are Fiber Degradation, Chemical Additives or Auxiliaries, Atmospheric Pollutants,
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