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Scent Infused Antimicrobial Textiles
Scent Infused Antimicrobial Textiles
Coating of Technical Textiles
Article By Michael E Hall On Coating Of Technical Textiles And Chemistry Of En A Ted Textiles, Coatings Used In The Production Of Technical Textiles, This Process Is Followed By A Drying Or Curing
Disposable Medical Textiles
Article By B.S Pancholi, Disposable Medical Textiles A Destiny For Investment In Technical Textiles In India, Textile Has Been In Clinical Application For Thousands Of Years, May Be As Old As The
Flame Retardant Cellulosic Textiles
Flame Retardant Cellulosic Textiles
Review of Nigerian Textiles Industry
Review of Nigerian Textiles Industry
Yellowing of textiles on storage
Glimpse of Yellowing of Textiles. Chemical Changes, Butylated hydroxy toluene, di-tert-butyl 4 nitrophenol, tetrabutyl tert butyl are Mechanism of Yellowing. The offending component is the Anti
The Cultural Significance of Hellenic Textiles
The Cultural Significance Of Hellenic Textiles addressing A Research Work On The History Of Ancient Hellenic Cloth And Its Global Diachronic Cultural And Aesthetic Influence. Textiles and clothing
Lean Rationale for Textiles
Article By V. Parthasarathi, Lean Rationale For Textiles, The Major Threat Facing The Indian Textile Industry Is The Major Competitive Pressure Brought On By The Increased Presence Of Low-Cost And
Growing Exports of MMF Textiles
Article By The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, SRTEPC Aims At Doubling MMF Exports, Indian Textile Sector Is Cotton Dominated, Man-Made Textile Sector In India Comparatively
ERP & SAP in textiles
Article By Prakash Mahajan And Mayur Kshirsagar, ERP & SAP In Textiles, ERP & SAP Play Vital Role In Flourishing Of Textile Industry, ERP&SAP Combines Different Departments Like Finance,
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