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Dyeing with herbs: Infusing medicine into textiles
A group of weavers in Kerala is charting a new chapter in sustainable textiles by making their own version of medicinal clothing using their traditional way.
Dyeing of Wool
Wool Is Believed To Be The First Animal Fiber Used For Apparel Textile By Human Being From As Early As 4000 BC The Major Usage Of Wool Is Divided Into 3 Categories, Apparel Ware, Suits, Coats,
Problem of Textile Dyeing Effluent Is Over
Article By New Cloth Market On Problem Of Textile Dyeing Effluent Is Over Textile Dyeing Industries Need Huge Quantity Of Water For Textile Dyeing, Which They Normally Pump Out Repeatedly From The
Effluent Treatment in Textile Dyeing
Wastewater Treatment in Textile Dyeing - Water pollution has been a concern & new technologies such as Effluent Treatment in Textile Dyeing are developed to combat the problem of effluents in
African textile dyeing
Cloth dyeing is the main source of income for woman from Labe, West Africa. Resist Dyeing is extremely popular in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana. Mud Dyeing Cloth is usually dyed in black
Trends to dye for
Sustainability in the textiles and apparel industry is determined to a large extent by the way the textile processing sector is shaping up. It works both ways: sustainability makes demands on
Dye sublimation textiles
Dye sublimation textiles
Foam Dyeing - an energy saving solution to dyeing
Foam dyeing technology in textiles uses less water and less energy, with better migration of the dye to the fabric.
Dyeing needs to be sustainable
The global textiles industry is now working overtime to achieve a balance between economic development,environmental protection and overall sustainability.
TULACON : Continuous Dyeing of Home Textiles
TULACON : Continuous Dyeing of Home Textiles
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