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Waterless Dyeing Techniques
Waterless dyeing methods will help textile companies save water, energy, and reduce pollution to a very large extent. Waterless Dyeing Techniques for textile companies.
Foam Dyeing - an energy saving solution to dyeing
Foam dyeing technology in textiles uses less water and less energy, with better migration of the dye to the fabric.
Problems in dyeing and their remedies
The art of Processing of Textiles today is well known to all processors. Dyeing Problems helps the processes as a ready recockener for avoiding these problems.Package density, Angle of winding,
A non-aqueous Process for Dyeing of Textiles: A novel Concept
A Non-aqueous Process for Dyeing of Textiles - A Novel Concept is used for dyeing of synthetic fibers and natural fibres.
TULACON : Continuous Dyeing of Home Textiles
TULACON : Continuous Dyeing of Home Textiles
Exquisite and unique: Revisiting ikat design
Ikat design for textiles is becoming a regular part of ramp walks in international fashion shows. Demand for ikat dyeing technique will increase in near future due to changing business approach.
Read Article on Methods of Dyeing, Process of Dyeing, The Chemistry of the Dyeing Process, Dyeing Machinery and Equipment, Bale Dyeing, Batik Dyeing, Beam Dyeing, Burl or speck Dyeing, Chain Dyeing,
AirDye® Technology: Coloring Textiles without the Use of Water
Article By New Cloth Market, Airdye Technology - Coloring Textiles Without The Use Of Water, Conventional Dyeing, Such As Vat Dyeing Or Cationic Dyeing, Can Produce Visually Acceptable Results,
Ultra Low Liquor Dyeing of Cotton Hanks
Hank Dyeing Machines and NITRA Ultra Low Liquor Dyeing machine of Cotton Hanks. Dyeing of cotton hanks using ultra low liquor dyeing machine developed by NITRA the Hank Dyeing dyeing machines, Hank
Recent developments in textile dyeing techniques
Application of Ultrasonic Waves, Microwave Dyeing, Plasma Technology, Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, And Electrochemical Dyeing Of Textiles Are Some Of The Revolutionary Ways to Advance The Textile Wet
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