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Dyeing of polyester/cotton fibers with reactive AZO disperse dyes in one batch processes dyeing
Dyeing of Polyester Fibers, Dyeing of Cotton Fibers with Reactive AZO Disperse Dyes in One Batch Processes Dyeing. Providing information on batch dyeing process used for dyeing textile materials.
Commercial silk dyeing method at Varanasi
Commercial silk dyeing method at Varanasi: Visual representations of silk dying methods followed by Varanasi dyers to reduce the silk dying cost of production.
African textile dyeing
Cloth dyeing is the main source of income for woman from Labe, West Africa. Resist Dyeing is extremely popular in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana. Mud Dyeing Cloth is usually dyed in black
Sulphur black dyeing in cotton and polyester cotton blend quality in different dyeing machine
Sulphur Dyeing, Sulpher Black Dyeing is used for dyeing of cotton and in market it is available in powder and liquid form. Continuous Dyeing Machine is used for Cotton Twill quality (Drill quality).
Eco Dyeing of Animal Fibres
Eco Dyeing Of Animal Fibres: Quality Of Wool Fibre Depends On The Climate, Food and General Care And Health Of The Animal. Dyeing Of Animal Fibre, Dyeing Of Animal Fibres Wool and series of
Eco silk dyeing
Eco silk dyeing requires no chemicals at any stages of the dyeing process. That is why eco dyeing process preserves environment from any type of pollution.
Norwegian Natural Dyeing
Natural dyeing with Bright colors in textiles have a long Clothing Traditions Norway. Using Natural dyeing in Norway Norwegians developed a taste for silk fabrics as well as bright reds, yellows and
The Dyeing of Polypropylene Fibers in Supercritical Fluid
Dyeing of Polypropylene Fibers: Polypropylene Fibers Dyeing Process, Water dyeing polypropylene (PP) fibers in Supercritical Fluid have not resolved the undyeability of the fibers very successfully.
Azoic Dyeing: Forgotten Art?
Find out the azoic dyeing techniques and process of azoic dyeing. The art of the azoic dying is gradually decreased by the Indian textile industry. Read more on process of azoic dyeing.
Dyeing of Silk with Red Cabbage
Textile & fabric industry is accepting natural dyeing of silk rather than synthetic dyeing. Natural dyeing technique is pollution free. Natural dyeing of silk is helpful in terms of health, safety
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