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Dyeing Stain on Knit City’s Future
The chemical processing units in the town had been shut down for the last three months due to the mooting of environmental degradation in the Noyyel River.
Dyeing with herbs: Infusing medicine into textiles
A group of weavers in Kerala is charting a new chapter in sustainable textiles by making their own version of medicinal clothing using their traditional way.
Space Dyeing
Space Dyeing - Space dyeing and printing techniques involves dyeing of yarn with multiple colors to create abstract color patterns which may or may not repeat after fixed interval.
Troubleshooting in dyeing of woven fabrics on high-temperature jig machine
Troubleshooting in dyeing of woven fabrics - Jig dyeing is very common for woven fabrics due to the crease-free process. The technical specifications are Roller Width, Centre Distance, Fabric
Dyeing of Silk Yarn with Monkey Jack
Dyeing of Silk Yarn with Monkey Jack - The age old art of silk yarn dyeing with natural dyes. Natural dyes can be obtained from natural sources such as vegetable matter, minerals and insects.
New Methods to Dye Silk with Indigo Dyes
Indigo dye is used for dyeing wood, cotton, leather, silk and indigo
Global Textile Dyes & Chemicals-Highlights 2008
Read Article on Global Textile Dyes Chemicals-Highlights 2008 and Statistics of 2008 for Global Textile Dyes and Chemicals Industry. The year 2008 has been proved as a critical year for Dyes and
New Technologies in Textile Dyeing & Finishing
Textile Dyeing Technology – Textile Industry comes with newer and very efficient Technologies in Textile Dyeing & Finishing and other functional treatment such as Electrochemical Process
Methods of Space Dyeing
Different method of Space Dyeing are Hank printing, Skein printing, knit de knit process, Continuous or warp yarn printing are the various methods of space dyeing on different forms of yarn.
Important Characteristics of Reactive Dyeing
Reactive dyeing of migration affects substantivity, molecular structure, physical chemistry and
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