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Africa: The Emerging star?
Africa: The Emerging star?
Fashion Waste is Rubbish - How Do We Solve the Issue?
Fashion Waste, Pollution and The Environment - With each second that passes by, a truck worth of fabric is piled into a landfill burned. The average dump truck is .76 cubic metres in diameter. A
Will Rules of Origin hold importance in the future?
Will Rules of Origin hold importance in the future?
The 411 on Odour Resistant Fabrics
Odour resistant fabrics may be versatile and cost-effective, but are they safe? There are many innovative fabric trends on the rise; from the utilization of pineapple leaves, to waterless denim. It
Trade Agreements & the Consequent Changing Relationships!
Over the past twenty years, countries around the world have increasingly embraced trade agreements at both the country-to-country level & amongst groupings.
Global Nonwovens for Hygiene Market- Applications, Trends and Market Outlook
Know about Global Nonwovens for Hygiene Market - its applications, trends and market outlook. Read to know more on Global Nonwovens.
The sought after: Organic Cotton
The sought after: Organic Cotton
Standardizing A Pre-Treatment Cleaning Procedure And Effects Of Application On Apparel Fabrics
Standardizing A Pre-Treatment Cleaning Procedure And Effects Of Application On Apparel Fabrics
4 Powerful Reasons to Love Pre-Loved Clothing
You wonder then why women go for impulse shopping? So as I. WeightWatchers found that women around the world only wear 30% of their wardrobe, 70% of their clothing is unused, never worn until the day
Top 5 Sustainability Trends for Apparel and Fashion Industry
Fashion is all about choice, and now consumers are choosing sustainable fashion over any others. These sustainable trends are driving today's fashion world and will continue to lead the industry in
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