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Automation in Apparel Industry
Automation Technology for Machinery - Automation is the use of control systems such as computers to control the industrial machinery and processes replacing human operators.
Machinery needs of apparel industry
Machinery needs of apparel industry
An overview of the global apparel industry
An overview of the global apparel industry
Brand Building in the Apparel Industry
Information on Brand Building in the Apparel Industry, What is Brand, Importance of Branding and Branding Benefits. To compete in the domestic as well as the global market, creating, and sustaining a
Chinese Apparel Industry Repositioning Itself
Chinese Apparel Industry, Repositioning, Chinas Textile And Apparel Industry Likely To Continue For Some Time, Cutting Jobs By Hundreds Of Thousands, Macro-Economic Stability Source Of Competitive
Merchandising in an Apparel Industry
Apparel Merchandisers Responsibilities - In an apparel industry, there are many responsibilities of Apparel Merchandisers and apparel merchandising department like costing, pricing, preparing orders,
ERP in Apparel and Textile Industry
ERP in Apparel and Textile Industry - ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning has been in Apparel and Textile industry for quite a long time.
Indian apparel industry by 2010-11
study of Indian Apparel Industry by 2010 – 2011 emphasis on issues related to Fully-automated textile processing in discontinuous (batch wise) yarn and piece dyeing, Finishing plants in central
Tools for the apparel industry to lean on
Lean manufacturing tools in apparel industry eliminates possible wastage and streamlines the process of production. Lean manufacturing tools are also helpful to measure performance in garment
Recycling and Upcycling in the Apparel Industry
Recycling and upcycling in the apparel Industry plays a major role in the sustainability criteria of economic, environmental and social dimensions.
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