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There's work to be done
A global view on sustainability. Some governments acknowledge the efforts by our industry to become more sustainable but feel that progress is too slow.
Sales and Operations Planning for Textile & Apparel Industries
Process innovation and change are intricate always due to the complexity involved in altering the decisions, tasks, and skill sets of the people involved in the course of action.
Getting down to the nitty gritty with uniform apparel
Uniform apparel varies as much as each industry varies from the other. Housekeeping Uniforms are wonderful for housekeepers or all ages and every gender.Security uniforms are perfect for those in the
Cotton /Yarn Prices: Serious Ramifications for Apparel Industry
Cotton Yarn Prices - Due to increase in cotton prices, hike in yarn prices apparel manufacturers, exporters and whole apparel industry are in a tight spot. Know more about Cotton Prices and Apparel
Budget: 2011-12- No Respite from Cost Escalations!
Budget: 2011-12- No Respite from Cost Escalations! – In Textile Industry Budget 2011, Garment Industry Budget 2011; textile industry and garment industry are facing many problems like Prices of
Reducing Transaction Cost: An initiative
Reducing Transaction Costs: Reduce export transaction cost in India, reduce transaction cost in Apparel Industry in terms of money and time spent, to improve ease of business competitiveness and Other
Cotton Blouses and Women's Shirts - Second Largest RMG Export Item from India
Cotton Blouses and Womens Shirts - Cotton Blouses and Shirts are Most Used Apparels that Every Woman Young or Old Wears on a Daily Basis.
The apparel sourcing caravan's next stop: Digitization
This report shines a spotlight on these advances and considers what it will take to unlock digitization's promise across the apparel industry.
Is transparency a blunt knife or a surgeon's scalpel?
The concept of transparency is being diluted to include all types of information. Sarah Ong asks how we can sharpen our focus on incisive data that makes transparency actionable in the apparel
Destination Madagascar
Madagascar expects the country's textiles and apparel industry to create 200,000 supplementary jobs in the next five years. The African country is among few in the world that has been seeing an
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