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Bulgaria - textile & apparel industry
Bulgaria - textile & apparel industry
Can India afford to miss the bus again?
Rahul Mehta, President of CMAI, takes a hard look, and suggests 10 ways that the government and industry can ensure that history does not repeat itself.
US Still the Biggest Importer of Chinese Apparels and Textiles
AS per OTEXA report, United States is the biggest Chinese apparels and textiles importer. Apparel Exports from India, Pakistan, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, Philippines were decreased in US.
Global export scenario of woven textiles and apparels
Global woven textile export industry has potential of growth. Global apparel export industry is rising due to economic development in various countries.
Removing Apparels from the Sensitive Items List: what is the Indian impact?
Removing Apparels from the Sensitive Items List: what is the Indian impact? Indian Government declared removing 48 apparel items from the sensitive list has sparked debates among the apparel industry
China: Climbing up the Global Ladder
China is swiftly becoming a dominant player in the global textile and apparel market both in terms of apparel consumption and exports. Their textile and apparels are making an integral segment in the
Discount on Branded Apparels: a distant memory?
Discount on Branded Apparels - How Branded Apparels Succeed in India? Apparel Brands in India started Discount on Branded Apparels, Ready Made Garments Apparels to increase their sales and adopted
Logistics for Apparel Makers - trends, opportunities & challenges
Apparel makers should implement the logistics to maintain apparel retail trends, opportunity, challenges.
Impinge of Time and Motion on Productivity in Apparel Manufacturing Units
Apparel Manufacturing Units: In Apparel Industry Many factors affecting in Apparel Manufacturing Process for Efficiency of Apparel Manufacturing. Increase Productivity and run smoothly Process of
'Winning a Slice of the Pie' India grabs 10% of China's apparel market
India grabs 10% of Chinas Apparel Market. Increasing labor costs of China, and low price difference between Indian and Chinese fabrics will helps India to obtain China Apparel markets.
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