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Will the EU ban Indian apparel exports?
Currently Government has declared that European Union (EU) is raising non-trade barriers against India’s textile and apparel exports and EU has banned the import of apparels into the country which
Profile of Nicaragua's Textile & Apparel Industry
Importance of Garment Industry in Nicaragua - Nicaraguas Textile & Apparel industry is an important development engine for the national economy, as it employed nearly 59,000 people by the end of
Burma rises through the ranks as an apparel sourcing hub
Outlook 2013 for Myanmar Apparel Industry - Burma Economy Rising in 2013 as its becoming major apparel manufacturing sourcing hub in South Asia.
Global textile and apparel industry - Vision 2015
Global textile and apparel industry - Vision 2015 - Free Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel Industry Articles,
Market Trends for Textile & Apparel Products
Market Trends for Textile & Apparel Products in 2011: Textile Trends & Apparel Trends in 2011 Trends for Textile Products and Apparel Products are positive according to most industry analyst
GeoMapping: A Cascading Impact on the Global Apparel Industry
Global Apparel Industry GeoMapping - GeoMapping Analysis of Various Local, Regional and Global Events and their Direct/Indirect Impact on the Complete.
Apparel Supply Chain Facing Complex Array of Risks, Says Report
Risks in Apparel Supply Chain - Study about the Apparel Supply Chain Risks, Just in Time Model in Apparel Supply Chain, Risks Analysis of Apparel Supply Chain.
Apparel Exports Increases Modestly in February 2011
Apparel Exports in Feb 2011: Apparel Imports of USA in Feb 2011 is increased 22.4% and for the same period Apparel Exports to USA from India is increased by 22.1%. Find out top Apparel Suppliers to
Apparel Trends in Emerging vs Developed Markets
Apparel Trends in Emerging vs Developed Markets
Eskom shocks for the South African apparel industry
Eskom shocks for the South African apparel industry
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