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The Way Forward for Indian Textiles & Apparel Industry
India as a Textile Exporter - USA, Europe, Turkey and Mexico are major global importers of textiles while India is exporting textiles to countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and losing its
Indian Apparel Makers Focus More on Legal Compliances
Indian Apparel Manufacturers Focuses on Legal Compliances because of lot of pressure from developed countries. US government blacklisted India for continuing use of child labor in various sectors.
Would rupee depreciation hit the textile & apparel sector?
Impacts of Rupee Depreciation on Indian Textile & Apparel Sector. Sliding Rupee Value of India and Indian Currency Depreciation may create troubles for textile and apparel industry.
Ennore Port an Alternative Gateway to Chennai Apparel Exporters?
Is Ennore Port an Another Entrance for Chennai Apparel Exporters - development of container terminal by Indias Corporate Port at Ennore near Chennai be a breather for apparel exporters based in
Apparel Exports for 2012-13 : targets unachievable?
Indian Apparel Exports Target for 2012-2013 - $18 Billion Apparel Exports seems to be tough for Indian apparel exporters in 2012-2013. Is it unachievable?
Apparel Trends in Emerging vs Developed Markets
Apparel Trends in Emerging vs Developed Markets
Eskom shocks for the South African apparel industry
Eskom shocks for the South African apparel industry
Do Acquisitions Resurrect the Textile & Apparel Sector?
Apparel Industry Acquisitions, Clothing Industry Acquisitions and Textile Industry Acquisitions. Textile Industry Mergers & Acquisitions Results from the Textiles Industry. Read more about
Asian Countries Offer Niche Market for Apparel Exports
Asian Apparel Industry is most competitive market and big apparel exporters, clothing exporters are from Asia pacific region. The major factor behind the Asian Clothing Exporters, being able to
Apparel Exports Increases Modestly in February 2011
Apparel Exports in Feb 2011: Apparel Imports of USA in Feb 2011 is increased 22.4% and for the same period Apparel Exports to USA from India is increased by 22.1%. Find out top Apparel Suppliers to
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