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Fashion and Sustainability
Sustainable Fashion - It is a celebration of ingenuity, vitality, care, resourcefulness and strong relationships between us and our world, expressed in garment form.
Empowering the working class through enhancing lifestyle - the story of Bangladesh garments' workers
RMG Industry in Bangladesh - RMG industry is a driving force in Bangladeshs growth. The growth rate of RMG export was over 20% over the last two decades.
2012 Budget creates ripples in the textile sector
Union Budget, one of the most imperative economic events in India, with its declarations for 2012-13, is still creating ripples in the Indian textile sector.
Green Processing
Green Processing for Environmental Pollution. Problems in processing textile materials caused Environmental Pollution like physical, chemical, biological. Green Processing of Textile Materials and
A Comprehensive Analysis of US Cotton with India
US Cotton Analysis & Cotton Cultivation - Learn About Cotton Cultivation and Production, US Cotton Cultivation Land analysis to Check Globally Land is Used for Cotton Cultivation.
Energy Management in Textile Industry
Energy Management in Textile Industry - Concepts of Energy Conservation is the most Important for Textile Industry because its one of the major Energy Consuming Industry.
Global Lingerie Industry to Lean Heavily on Emerging Markets
Lingerie Retail Market in 2013 - In the Global Lingerie Industry 2013 Emerging Markets Very Helpful for Growth of Lingerie Retail Market in 2013, Global Lingerie Industry, Lingerie Industry 2013.
Comparative Analysis of Growth of the Indian & Chinese Textile Industry
Chinese and Indian Textile Industry Development and Growth Analysis - An article about Indian and Chinese Textile Industry Growth Comparative Analysis and Reports
The Impact and Unforeseen Implications of the MultiFiber Arrangement
Multifiber Arrangement Agreement - An Article about MFA Agreement for International Trade in Textiles and Apparel, Its all about Regulation of Global Trade in Textiles and Apparel.
Quality Assurance in Garments and its Importance in Today's Era
Garment Quality Assurance - An Article About Quality Assurance For Textile and Apparel Industry. Garment Quality Assurance is must for any Garment Exporters.
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