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Towards a Greener supply chain process
Green Supply Chain Process referred as Sustainable Supply Chain. Sustainable Supply Chain Process, Green Supply Chain requires recycled and reused items which creates a sustainable supply chain.
Impact of Textile in Environmental Issues and Environmental Legislation (Part II)
Environmental Issues, Legislation, Regulations in Textile and Clothing Industry - Detail Study about Environmental Legislation and Regulations in textile and Clothing Industry.
Pakistan's Textile Exports Surge by 10 pc with Sustainable Energy Supply to Industry
Pakistan Textile Exports - An article about Sustainable Energy Supply Pakistan to the industry.
Carbon Neutrality in Garment Industries
Carbon Neutrality in Garment Industries - An Article about the Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Foot Printing, and Use of Environmentally Sustainable Technologies.GHG Emissions is Typically Referred to as
Cotton Market Scenario : 2012 - 2013
Cotton Market Scenario - Global Cotton Outlook and Scenario for 2013, and reviews of 2012 Cotton Outlook, 2012-2012 Market in China, US, India, Australia, and Uzbekistan.
Global Luxury Brands Eye Conservative Indian Markets
Louis Vuitton, Armani and Burberry focus on Indian Market - Interesting article about traditionally conservative Indian markets like Surat, Chennai and Kolkata.
The Potential of E-Commerce in China
Study research about the Chinese Online Retail Industry Growth and statistics on Chinas Internet and E-commerce.
Indian Apparel Manufacturers Must Face New Challenges
Indian Apparel Manufacturers Must Face New Challenges
EU & US Uncertainty Takes Its Toll on Textile & Clothing Trade in 2012
US Textile Trade 2012, US Clothing Trade 2012 affected exports from several Asian countries. US Textile Trade 2012, US Clothing Trade 2012 GDP growth is expected to accelerate to 2.2%, from 1.7% in
Using the Supply Chain to Reach the Height of Fashion
The modern fashion supply chain Management is the result of a revolution to satisfy customer demand. Learn the impact of Supply chain management on the fashion retailers, suppliers and customers, and
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