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Vietnam: New address of global textile and apparel outsourcing
Vietnam's garment and textile exports helped the country earn approximately US$ 24.5 billion in 2014, which is a 19 per cent jump over 2013. Read More
Will hurricane Irene bulldoze US apparel sales?
Will hurricane Irene bulldoze US apparel sales? – Read Article about Impact of hurricane Irene on Clothing Retailers of USA? Clothing retailers Sales may impact because of hurricane Irene
Trans-Pacific Partnership:What does it have to offer the Textile & Apparel sector?
Benefits of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreements for Textiles and Apparels Industry. Learn Impacts of TPP Agreements on Textiles and Apparel Industry.
The Outlook for U.S.-China Textile and Apparel Trade in 2009
Outlook For US, China Textile, Apparel Trade, 2009, US, China Textile And Apparel Trade, Avoid Heavy Intervention Of Trade Policy. Import Monitoring Program, Chinese Products At End Of Three Year
Asia's Textile and Apparel Exports will fall in 2009
Asia Textile And Apparel Exports Fall In 2009, Each Country Suffering Economic Slowdown, Asian Development Bank, Textile And Apparel Exports Fall In 2009, Apparel Exporters Resisted Economic
Dark Clouds over Bangalore Apparel Industry In 2009
As Global recession is badely effects on the Bangalore Apparel Industry, Karnataka as it is known as the best apparel sourcing destination but global recession have effected it a lot
Recession Rescue Program for Fashion and Apparel Industry
Article by Sarv Daman Vij, Recession Rescue Program for Fashion and Apparel Industry, Fashion demand, may drifts away for a certain period due to recession, here some discussion regarding recession,
Survival of the Fittest-Indian Apparel Industry in a State of Turmoil
Apparel exports showed a positive growth even in January and February 2011 but it was affected by budget 2011. Survival for Indian Apparel Exports,Indian Garment Exports Industry, Indian Apparel
Do Acquisitions Resurrect the Textile & Apparel Sector?
Apparel Industry Acquisitions, Clothing Industry Acquisitions and Textile Industry Acquisitions. Textile Industry Mergers & Acquisitions Results from the Textiles Industry. Read more about
Asian Countries Offer Niche Market for Apparel Exports
Asian Apparel Industry is most competitive market and big apparel exporters, clothing exporters are from Asia pacific region. The major factor behind the Asian Clothing Exporters, being able to
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