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Post-consumer waste recycling in Textiles
The textile industry focuses on Pre consumer and Post consumer recycling. Post consumer textile recycling waste is an outcome of apparels and home textile products. Read more about textile waste in an
3D Body Scanning Technology: Its Applications
3d Body Scanning Technology Applications, 3-D Scanning Techniques Are Used As Industrial Applications Such As Automotive And Mechanical, Body Scanner Is Similar To A Dressing Room In Structure And
Application of Robotics in Textiles
Read Robotic Approach to Textile - Applications of Robotics in Textiles. Automation and Robotics in the textile and apparel Industries provides benefits like labour savings, reduced cycle times,
Emerging Trends in Global Textile Trade
Read Article on Emerging Trends in Global Textile Trade, EU Import Trends and Drivers of Change for Trends. Textile and apparel is one of the oldest industries in the world and has come a long way
Export Merchandiser - The New Avatar
Export Merchandiser, New Avatar, Evolution Of Discipline Of Export Industry Merchandising Often Assigned To Fresh Graduate Of Any Discipline Capable Of Responding To Queries Of Customers In English
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites
Mechanical properties of flax fibers and their composites by M. Janarthanan, S.Palanisamy, U.Dinesh, P.Pradeep, C.Gowrishankar - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit
Zipping it up
Know how economic boom results in the growth of zipper market, further resulting in an increase in the demand for lifestyle products, apparel and footwear.
Synergy with the customers and a high innovation capacity: Secrets of success of Italian knitting machinery
Synergy with the customers and a high innovation capacity: Secrets of success of Italian knitting machinery by ACIMIT Economics and Press Office - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by
Eco Friendly Garment Finishes
Article By J. Anton Arputha Raj On Eco Friendly Garment Finishes And The Processing Of Whole Range Of Ready Garments From Shirt, T-Shirt, Trouser, Jacket To All Types Of Clothing And In Denim Industry
Retailers and Suppliers Clinch to Survive Tough Times
Article By Fibre2fashion, Retailers And Suppliers Clinch To Survive Tough Times, Suppliers And Retailers Business Strategies, Survival Strategies, Apparel Suppliers Will Have To Have Adequate Back Up
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