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Backward Integration Best Option for Textile Industry
Backward Integration in Textile Industry is crucial benefits of
Indian Garment Exporters Need to Invest in Trends, Design and Innovation
Indian Garment Exporters: Indian Garment Export Industry Need to Invest in Trends, Design and Innovation for take advantage of growth in the domestic market or launch their own brand. India would
FDI in Indian Textile Industry
FDI in Indian Textile Industry: As per recent FDI Statistics for textile & apparel, India is fastest growing sector due to Foreign Direct Investment and targeted US$ 6 billion FDI by 2015. India
Productivity and Export Performance of Cotton in Indian Textile Industry
Cotton Production India: Indian Textile Industry is one of the best performers in Textile World and Cotton Production & Cotton Export from India occupies 27% of total area in the world under
Industry Expects Continuing With Stimulus Package
Stimulus Package for Textile Industry and Union Budget of India for 2011-12: Proposals for Indian Union Budget 2011-12, Stimulus package for Clothing Industry and Textile Industry to maintain and even
An Analysis of Current Scenario of Indian Textile Industry
Indian Textile Manufacturers: Textile Manufacturers of India have set Indian textile industry as one the leading textile manufacturing country. Indian textile manufacturers and textile industry
Twin crisis rips off Japan's trade prospects
Japan is major importers of Chinese Silk Industry and Petrochemicals Industry. Due to twin disasters that struck Japan, has damaged Japan’ trade activities. Due to Earthquake and Tsunami,
A Report on Improving Productivity in Egypt's Ready-Made Garments Sector
Report of Egypt’s Readymade Garment Sector on Improving Productivity of Egypt Ready Made Apparel, Egypt Apparel Export Growth, QIZ Export Growth, Workforce Development System and also improve
The Changing Face of Garment Sourcing
China Garment Sourcing: Sourcing Clothes from China, Clothing Sourcing China and Garment Exports from China was an increasing dependence on sourcing garments from china for a number of reasons like
Lead Time Management in the Garment Sector of Bangladesh: An Avenue for Survival and Growth
Quality Readymade Garments must for Bangladesh and RMG Sector of Bangladesh: Lead time management in the Garment Sector of Bangladesh is an effective management process and important factor in
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