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Indian Apparel Makers Focus More on Legal Compliances
Indian Apparel Manufacturers Focuses on Legal Compliances because of lot of pressure from developed countries. US government blacklisted India for continuing use of child labor in various sectors.
Would rupee depreciation hit the textile & apparel sector?
Impacts of Rupee Depreciation on Indian Textile & Apparel Sector. Sliding Rupee Value of India and Indian Currency Depreciation may create troubles for textile and apparel industry.
Ennore Port an Alternative Gateway to Chennai Apparel Exporters?
Is Ennore Port an Another Entrance for Chennai Apparel Exporters - development of container terminal by Indias Corporate Port at Ennore near Chennai be a breather for apparel exporters based in
Reshoring and Onshoring – The Future of Apparel Sourcing
Sourcing decisions of apparel brands and retailers can make or break their business in a constantly changing environment. Smart apparel sourcing offers high efficiency and flexibility throughout the
Brands Increase Prices to Battle Rupee Depreciation
Apparel Accessory Brands Raise Prices - Falling Rupee Affects a lot on Global Apparel Accessory Brands Prices, Weakening on Rupee Increase International Apparel Brands Prices.
Strategizing Indian Exports sans Specifics
Strategizing Indian Exports SANS Specifics: Union Minister of Commerce & Industry has prepared Apparel Export Promotion Strategy Paper for Apparel Industry to increase Garment Exports, and Apparel
US Still the Biggest Importer of Chinese Apparels and Textiles
AS per OTEXA report, United States is the biggest Chinese apparels and textiles importer. Apparel Exports from India, Pakistan, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, Philippines were decreased in US.
Global export scenario of woven textiles and apparels
Global woven textile export industry has potential of growth. Global apparel export industry is rising due to economic development in various countries.
Labor Unrest: Can Bangladesh turn the tide?
Bangladesh garment and textile industry workers protested for demanding and increasing wages. Garment Workers Strike has affected emerging apparel industry of Bangladesh. Government, Apparel
Competitiveness in the Garment and Textiles Industry Creating a Supportive Environment
Competition in Apparel & Textile Industry: Competitiveness in the Garment and Textiles Industry Creating a supportive environment. Countries Depending on apparel export should focus on educing
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