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Designing & Weaving Techniques of FVCPF in Handloom
R G Panneerselvam, K Gowri and M Anandan analyse the difference between the steps involved in producing patterned carpet chenille pile yarn and patterned velvet chenille pile yarn.
The Dazzling World of 3D Woven Fabric
Woven fabrics are now entering the third dimension in the stand-out work of Noa Raviv. Traditional woven fabric works in two dimensions: weft threads are woven through warp threads, creating the
Cost Effective Weaving by Direct Creel
Pradeep Kulshrestha explains the benefits of direct creel in weaving. Conventional weaving was carried out by warp packages, beginning with warping-direct and sectional, then sizing, if required, and
Branding Change
The Chizami Weaves initiative of the North East Network (NEN) in the Chizami village of Nagaland's Phek district has been uplifting the lives of women. Samhita Barooah reports. The journey of Chizami
Turning Wheels
A tiny unit in the Western Ghats region of Karnataka produces naturally-dyed handlooms and tailored garments. Charaka is also into fabric designing, block printing, hand embroidery and tailoring.
Glimpse into traditional textiles of north-eastern states
Mention sustainable clothing, and Arnab Senapati thinks of the women weavers of the north-eastern states of India who have established a rich textile tradition.
Kerala Handloom: Blend of Skill and Elegance
Chithra Ajith offers a glimpse into the state's handloom history. Kerala, a state extending over 15,000 square kilometers, enthralls the world by its unique handloom fabrics. The state generally
Barabanki Handloom Cluster: Dream House of Fashion for Women
The Barabanki handloom cluster produces a wide range of products that are in high demand in domestic markets. It is the heart of zari and applique-and-cut work. The Barabanki cluster falls in the
Developments in Weaving Machinery in the Changing World of Fabrics
Weaving Machinery: Innovations in the weaving machinery changes makes fabric weaving easy. Devlopment of Weaving Machines,Fabric Weaving Machine,Fabric Weaving Machinery for fabric manufacturing
Looming Hope
The traditional handlooms of Assam can play a significant role in ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Jennifer Shaheen Hussain reports from a handloom fair. There are many things that are a given when
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