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Time to Pick Up
A strong textiles manufacturing base puts India among the leading fabric producing countries in the world and sets up a perfect base for the industry to grow further. But there are some shortcomings
Weaving Sustainability
A gutsy initiative in Nagaland is trying to revive the dying loin-loom by training and empowering women. Ninglun Hanghal reports. Diezephe is a small village on the idyllic outskirts of Dimapur. In
Weaving automation - the growth recipe for developing economies
The use of weaving automation machines in textile industry will definitely help the developing economies carve a niche for themselves.
Swedish weaving - Fruit of weaver's endeavour
Swedish weaving technique is gaining recognition as a paradise for the weavers all around the world. It is also popular as huck weaving technique in the textile industry.
Filament weaving on unconventional looms
Projectile Weaving Machines and Yarn Weaving Machine: Filament Weaving on Unconventional Looms explained. Projectile Weaving Machines are used for weaving filament yarns and spun yarns made up from
Technology of Denim Production: Part - IV
Denim Weaving Process: Denim Weaving Techniques, and Denim Weaving Process explained. The Denim weaving process interlaces the warp and produce 100% Denim fabric. Read more about Weaving Techniques
Automation: Conferring power to weaving
Advantages of automatic weaving machines have increased as electronic control has simplified operations, so automation in weaving machines is acquiring demand.
Technology: Weaving Machinery
Technology: Weaving Machinery
Challenges in Weaving Automation
Challenges in Weaving Automation
Ikat Weaving
Making Process Of Ikat, Ikat Fabrics Are Woven By Hand On Narrow Looms In A Labor-Intensive Process. In India There Are Many Kinds Of Ikats Weaving
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