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Weaving Sustainability
A gutsy initiative in Nagaland is trying to revive the dying loin-loom by training and empowering women. Ninglun Hanghal reports. Diezephe is a small village on the idyllic outskirts of Dimapur. In
Weaving automation - the growth recipe for developing economies
The use of weaving automation machines in textile industry will definitely help the developing economies carve a niche for themselves.
Swedish weaving - Fruit of weaver's endeavour
Swedish weaving technique is gaining recognition as a paradise for the weavers all around the world. It is also popular as huck weaving technique in the textile industry.
Technology of Denim Production: Part - IV
Denim Weaving Process: Denim Weaving Techniques, and Denim Weaving Process explained. The Denim weaving process interlaces the warp and produce 100% Denim fabric. Read more about Weaving Techniques
Filament weaving on unconventional looms
Projectile Weaving Machines and Yarn Weaving Machine: Filament Weaving on Unconventional Looms explained. Projectile Weaving Machines are used for weaving filament yarns and spun yarns made up from
Automation: Conferring power to weaving
Advantages of automatic weaving machines have increased as electronic control has simplified operations, so automation in weaving machines is acquiring demand.
Technology: Weaving Machinery
Technology: Weaving Machinery
Challenges in Weaving Automation
Challenges in Weaving Automation
Ikat Weaving
Making Process Of Ikat, Ikat Fabrics Are Woven By Hand On Narrow Looms In A Labor-Intensive Process. In India There Are Many Kinds Of Ikats Weaving
Weaving - Where Would We Be Without It?
Weaving - Where Would We Be Without It?
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