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The Zari Weaving Embroidery of Rajasthan
Zari Embroidery is one of the most beautiful Indian designs. Weaving embroidery of Rajasthan world famous for its magnificent work. Find more about the zari weaving embroidery of Rajasthan in an
Weaving machinery and its related technologies
Weaving Machinery and its related technologies in the period between 1990 and 2005 are surveyed are discussed. Thus researchers concerned with weaving machines have paid a great interest in Weft
Silk Weaving Of Assam
Silk Weaving is assam is one of the striking regions of India & traditional sarees as of muga silk are so durable that it can be used for long years, more at fibre2fashion.com
Origin of Akwete Weaving
kwete Cloth Refers Specifically To The Cloth Woven In The Ndoki Town Of Akwete In Ukwa East Local Government Area Of Abia State & One On An Upright Frame Loom With Continuous Warp And Other
Insight of Indian weaving industry
Shuttleless Looms and Shuttleless Weaving Machines for Indian Weaving Industry: As per SWOT Analysis of Indian Weaving Industry, Shuttleless Weaving Machines in USA proportion of Shuttleless Looms,
Implementation of CAD/CAM in Weaving System
Implementation Of CAD/CAM In Weaving System. Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing Solution For Textile Designing And Manufacturing. Cad Technology Used For Designing Suiting/ Shirting,
Excellent weaving loom machines
Weaving Loom Is The Functional Machine That Has Been Present Since Ages.Table Loom Is Also Hand-Operated Also Think Of Floor Loom While You Have The Enough Floor Space. Consider 2 Types Of Looms The
Spinning and Weaving in the Doukhobor Community
The Doukhobor Community originally from Russia have diverse textile skills from spinning and weaving to rug making, embroidery, quilting and even knit and crochet.
3D weaving technology
3D fabrics used in technical textiles has tremendous potential to change the structure. There are different advantages of 3D weaving technology which can be gain for technical textiles.
Weaving of 3Dm fabric in handlooms
Non-woven, Braiding, Weaving, Knitting & Laminating Principles may form the 3D Fabric. Out of these, the Woven 3D fabrics are formed by two methods. Read More.
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