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Modernisation of Handlooms for Silk Saree Weaving
Modernisation of Handlooms for Silk Saree Weaving
Dhabla: The elegant weave of the deserts
Renu Gupta offers a glimpse into the world of dhabla woollen quilts, blankets and shawls in Gujarat's Kutch and how it has undergone number of changes in current time
Effect of Weaving Preparation on Cotton Fabric
Effect of Weaving Preparation on Cotton Fabric weaving is nothing but simple interlacement of warp & weft yarns; this process depends on type, quality & continuity of yarn coming from weaving
Metamorphosis of the Indian handloom sector
Indian Handloom Sector is influenced by the period of Mughal rule and has a considerable influence on the weaving pattern, designs & colors used. Read to know.
Size-free weaving of cotton fabric on a modern high-speed weaving machine: A progress report
A weaving trial with a size-less cotton warp yarn (20/1 Ne) was conducted under mill-like conditions on a modern high-speed, Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine. The research was conducted to use a modern
Weaving Techniques Inspire Modern Jewels
The Paper Addresses A Research Work On The Diachronic Aesthetic Powers Of Hand-Looming And Interlacing Techniques And The Cultural Significance Of Ancient Handicraft Techniques, The Teaching
Challenges on Traditional Textile Weaving in Myanmar
Read Brief History of Traditional Textile Weaving in Myanmar. Burma Textile and Apparel Weaving Industry has lasted over thousands of years and thrived in the Bagan, Inwa and Amarapura eras.
Deciding the Fabric Features with Weaving Patterns
Fabric weaving patterns varies as per the chosen structure of design. Weaving patterns of fabrics can be simple or complex but they determine fabric features.
Weaving weft insertion rapier: Principles
Article is based on weaving weft insertion rapier: Principles. It discusses Weft Insertion, Types of Rapiers, Rapier Mounting, Continuity of Rapier Motion, Transfer Velocity, Overall Width and Working
Review of Silk Handloom Weaving In Assam
Article By C.M.Bajpeyi On Review Of Silk Handloom Weaving In Assam As Assam, The State Having Highest Number Of Handlooms In India Is Unique With Its Silk Weaving Culture, As The Handloom Sector And
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