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Silk Weaving Of Assam
Silk Weaving is assam is one of the striking regions of India & traditional sarees as of muga silk are so durable that it can be used for long years, more at fibre2fashion.com
Origin of Akwete Weaving
kwete Cloth Refers Specifically To The Cloth Woven In The Ndoki Town Of Akwete In Ukwa East Local Government Area Of Abia State & One On An Upright Frame Loom With Continuous Warp And Other
Insight of Indian weaving industry
Shuttleless Looms and Shuttleless Weaving Machines for Indian Weaving Industry: As per SWOT Analysis of Indian Weaving Industry, Shuttleless Weaving Machines in USA proportion of Shuttleless Looms,
Spin to weave the world with Lyocell
Lyocell Fiber Product: Lyocell has by far the best strength amongst fibres with a natural cellulose origin. Various Lyocell Fiber Products such as Lyocell Garments, Viscose Lyocell Fiber and Lyocell
An Overview of Twill Weave
Twill weave is a kind of weave that repeat on three or more ends and produces diagonal line on the face of fabric. Feature of Twill Weave includes Diagonal line can be seen on the face of the fabric
Different types of weaves
The plain weave may also have variations including Rib Weave, Matt Weave, Basket Weave. Twill weave is characterized by diagonal ridges formed by the yarns, which are exposed on the surface. These may
Textile weaving units - Lets stop recording efficiencies
Recording Efficiencies of Textile Weaving Units are also referred as the capacity utilization of the machines and plant. Pick Inserted is alternate method of Recording Efficiencies
Dhabla: The elegant weave of the deserts
Renu Gupta offers a glimpse into the world of dhabla woollen quilts, blankets and shawls in Gujarat's Kutch and how it has undergone number of changes in current time
Innovations in Weaving Machines - A Scientific Approach
Innovations in weaving machines is required to reduce noise pollution. Scientific Approach towards weaving machines have provided various effective ways for noise pollution reduction.
Effect of Weft Accumulator and Without Weft Accumulator on Fabric Properties
Effect of Weft Accumulator on Fabric Properties. Shuttle weaving technology is a great revolution of increased weft insertion rates, width of machine and quality of fabric woven.
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