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The worst of times are over
The European textiles industry may have finally been able to shrug off the sluggishness that had been holding it back since the end of the Multi-Fibre Agreement. Jozef De Coster spoke to industry
Are Your Retailers Your Worst Competitors
Are Your Retailers Your Worst Competitors
Poll Suggests Worst May be over for Indian Economy
Poll Suggests Worst May be over for Indian Economy
Rupee Sees Worst Performance among Emerging Asian Markets
Rupee Performance & INR Performance 2012 - Show Indian Rupees Performance by latest trends and reports, See what is the reason behind INR sees worst performance among Emerging Asian Markets.
India Suffered Worst Slowdown in Decade; Foreign Direct Investment Impacted
Indian economy slowdown reasons in decade with respect to fiscal position. How FDI impacts on Indian economy, and effects of FDI on Indian Economy.
Ethical Clothing Stores – Top 10, From The Best To The Worst
Ethical clothing stores rating, from the best to the worst. As the number of problems plaguing the fashion industry surface, the number of buyers seeking to make a change is on the rise. Reckless
Comparative Study of Blended Worsted Yarn Tensile Properties, Measured in Different Principles of Measurement
For measuring single yarn tensile strength mainly constant rate of extension (CRE) and constant rate of loading (CRL) principles are used.
New Natural Luxurious Womenswear Fabrics
New Natural Luxurious Womenswear Fabrics - An Interesting Article about the Womenswear Merino Wool, Wool, Silk and Wool, Bamboo Viscose Woven Worsted Fabrics.
Crewel Embroidery
Article by Sunil R Emani on Crewel Embroidery that is a special kind of embroidery done with pointed hook, also describes about the crewel history, This time in history was the Jacobean period and
Having Lost its Competitive Advantage, Textile Industry Faces Decline
Article By Sanjay Jain On The Indian Textile Industry Has Been One Of The Foremost Contributors To The Countrys Employment, Exports, And Gdp.As Currently The Textile Industry Is One Of The Worst Hit
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