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VORTEX (Lopil) A New Type of Yarn
Article By Mahmuda Parvin Soniya On Vortex A New Type Of Yarn, A New Yarn Vortex In The Arena Of Textile Apparel Sector Has Brought Up Innovative Creation Along With New Application Techniques, More
Effect of conditioning on cotton yarn properties
Effect of conditioning on cotton yarn properties
Processing of Yarn Dyed Shirting Fabric
Processing of Yarn Dyed Shirting Fabric, Shirting Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric. Process of Quality of yarn, Selection of dyestuff, Selection of process and effect chemicals.
Yarn Conditioning Process : An Overview
Article on Yarn Conditioning Process - High speed spinning machines generate more heat to produce yarn. The standard conventional steaming treatment Problems for yarn manufacturing by N. Muthukumar
Attaining better yarn quality with carding
Carding process is vital to determine texture of fabric through yarn and fibre quality. Functions of carding machine helps to gain better quality yarn.
The ultimate technology for compact yarn production
Despite the high quality of modern ring spun yarns a further increase in yarn quality can be obtained through compact spinning technology says Marzoli.
Conductive Yarns and their Use In Technical Textiles
Article on Conductive Yarns Use in Technical Textile, Coating with Conductive Substances, Electromagnetic Waves and their Effects, Use Of Conductive Textiles In Electromagnetic Shielding, Research On
Comparative Studies on Compact Yarn Eli Twisted Yarn and Air Vortex Yarn Knitted Fabrics
Compact spinning is considered as a revolution in ring spinning because it offers superior quality. Eli twist spinning technology is mostly used for high end Shirting Fabric. Read more in an article
Modelling of self-contact pressures in multi-ply yarns
The self-contact via Inter Strand Pressures and Axial Total Pressures in Multi Ply Yarns has been considered and provides a basis for studying related yarn and Fabric Structural Properties, e.g., yarn
Abrasion Resistance of Polyester Air-Jet Yarns
Polyester Air Jet Yarns - Air jet spinning is related to the influence of fibre properties and process parameters on yarn structures and ultimate properties.
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