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To Study the Influence of Different Compact Systems and Non-Compact System on Yarn Quality
Compact Yarn Machine for Hairiness, Elongation, Tenacity: Compact spinning systems are Rieters Com4 spin, Suessens EliTe, LMWs RoCoS, and LMWs non-compact systems for hairiness in yarn, Elongation
All about Crochet Yarn
Article on crochet yarn Yarns are made up of a number of plies, each ply being a single spun yarn, Yarns come in a multitude of sizes and types, crotchetier feel unappreciated by yarn stores that seem
Dipping yarn prices of India & China: the spinner's woe
Yarn Prices Decline: Due to cheap yarn prices of India & China, the Apparel Exporters of Bangladesh have imported cheap yarn India & cheap yarn from China. Learn more impact of Yarn Prices Dec
Sizing - Impact of process parameter on beam quality and similarly on loom performance
The Objective of yarn sizing is an important aspect of improving the quality of yarn. Sizing of yarn is important to render it weave.
Techniques of making stretch yarn and fancy yarn without any attachment
Fabric with stretch yarn provides the wearer comfort and durability.
Yarn Tension Control during Knitting
Yarn Tension Control is the most important factor. The yarn input tension is as light as possible consistent with adequate yarn control. Yarn Tension control is affected by adjusting the knock-over
Yarns for Fashion Applications
Fancy Yarn: fancy yarns are defined as the yarns in which defects are deliberately used as decorative in discontinuous or interruptive fashion. Nowadays fancy yarns are produced by specialist spinners
Mélange Yarn
Melange Yarn Definition - It may be defined as the yarn produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibers.
Capping the cotton yarn exports - wise or wacky?
Capping the cotton yarn exports - wise or wacky? Indian Government capping the exports of cotton yarn has sparked debates in favor of, and against the order. Read about Indian Cotton Yarn Exports.
Compact yarn and warping - New concepts
Comparison analysis given between EliTeQ Compact Yarn and Conventional Ring Spun Yarn based on Cotton length, T.M., TPI and
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